Why El Rufai must not be Gov. Press Statement by Southern Kaduna Volunteers for Good Governance

OCTOBER 6, 2014

It is with strong consternation make this statement today to bare our
minds to the world over the unbecoming conduct and ambition of Mr. Nasir El Ruffai, former Minister of Federal Capital Territory, and now a gubernatorial aspirant of the APC for Kaduna state Governmento House come 2015.

We would have been contend with hearing and reading Mr. El Ruffai carry out his sardonic theatrics of insulting and demonizing everybody that does not share his believe of hate, guised under the excuse of exercising his basic right of freedom of expression.

But, we as natives of Kaduna state, and particularly as Christians, feel it obligatory to warn Nasir El Ruffai to stir clear off Southern Kaduna as he canvasses for the ticket of the APC. We shall use every legal weapon available to stop him from grabbing this ticket, and if the APC insists on him, we will ensure he fails to win the secondary election for the following reasons:
1) We do not see El Ruffai as a one who cares about our people. Since the 2011 post presidential elections, Southern Kaduna has come under constant and steady brutal attacks by men suspected to be Jihadists disguising as Fulani herdsmen. In one attack they killed 146 villagers in Bondon, in Kaura LGA last year. El Ruffai has never visited any of our affected communities, nor use his vocality and connection in the media to condemn the attacks. Such a person who do not care about us cannot now come to persuade us to support him. All our delegates for the APC primary must take note of this.

2) El Ruffai seems to be a Spokesman form Boko Haram of some kind. He is constantly speaking against the military each time a serious crackdown was taken against them. His energy is heavily committed to the issues of Boko Haram, away from Kaduna state which he is desperately trying to govern now.
3) The man has revulsive contempt for Christianity. And he does not care about the sensibility of Christians when he tweeted a bawdy joke about our Lord Jesus Christ making love to one of our revered woman in the Bible, Mary Magdalene. He takes advantage of the tolerance of Christians to keep making shocking irresponsible statements on Christians and their leader. It could be recalled that a statement made sometimes in Kaduna during a proposed beauty pageant, on Muslim Holy Prophet, set this state under fire. But El Ruffai would risk igniting unrest just to show his scorn for Christianity by joking about Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene making love.
Such a person cannot make a good leader in a state delicately balanced on Islam and Christianity.

4) And to demonstrate further his concentrated aversion and rudeness to Christians, El Ruffai has been very unrestrained in his verbal abuses on the leader of the Nigeria Christians – the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), our most revered Pastor Ayo Oristejiafor. While he knows that the CAN President is to Christains what the Sultan of Sokoto is to Muslims, El Ruffai is very unhappy with the call of Pastor Oristejiafor calling to unite and stand firm against the voracious appetite of Boko Haram Islamic Terrorist for Christian blood. He is very angry that our CAN president for the first time in the history of CAN, is talking against the incredible oppression and persecution of Christians in Northern Nigeria, among other injustices against Christianity from both states and federal policies. We cannot encourage our people to support such a person.

5) El Ruffai’s determination to cover and confuse sponsors of Boko Haram saw him going to the British Parliament this month to mislead the Britons that President Goodluck Jonathan had bought a jet for CAN president and had given him N50 billion to execute Boko Haram war. He did not present one shred of evidence to substantiate his claims. His intention was clear – turn the blame on the main victims of Boko Haram to shift focus on the sponsors of this evil and the real Islamic teaching that sustains Boko Haram’s zealotry.

6) We suspect that the passion, time and resources that El Ruffai is spending on misleading the world on the sponsors of Boko Haram is not a mere passing interest. We call on all our delegate to be wary of this man who is accusing us of being our own killers. Southern Kaduna is losing young soldiers each week from Bomo Haram onslaught apart from hundreds more that have been killed in various parts of the north by the Islamic terrorist that El Ruffai is trying to cover. For anyone to insist that we are the ones killing ourselves, such a person cannot be for us.

7) while many are won’t to see him as a man of courage and has the heart to fight corruption and execute projects to the later, we see him as a very emotionally unstable person that does not have the psychological content of a good leader.

8) We are concern with the controversy and crisis that this man will precipitate on this state should he be governor. His negative posture to Jesus Christ, our CAN president and the Christian community does not guarantee us Justice, fair play and respect from him.

We therefore call on our people in the APC to think about the future of our state and and not support a bigot as El Ruffai.

We shall wage this campaign from village to village and with prayers too.
And our Lord Jesus Christ will surely not inflict us with El Ruffai.

Thank you.

Signed: Garba Jatau Billiok

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