John Danfulani, Ph.D

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We are yet to fully recover from uncircumspect, venomous, bullshitting, and belittling statement of Mr.El-rufa’i on the 6th April 2916. Since vomiting that hate ration of 70% Muslims and 30% Christians in Kaduna state, CAN, SOKAPU,Senator Laah and hundreds of social commentators have repudiated his hate inspired statements.

Apart from his unfounded Muslims/Christians ration, he tacitly justified reprisal. And by invoking the word reprisal, it means he believes that Southern Kaduna people started an action that triggered a chain of reactions from an international terror gang operating in West Africa sub-region .Throughout his rumbling and babbling Mr. El-rufa’i didn’t condemned reprisals-an unconstitutional and barbaric way of seeking for redress – but rather faired their callousness of having a long memory like Mr. Snake .A Governor talking like that? Are we sure he wasn’t under influence of something while answering questions from Channels Television crew?

SOKAPU president descended heavily by linking his skewed appointments to his biased ratio. Senator Danjuma Tellah Laah also gave a long list of killings taking place in Southern Kaduna- a kind of messing up his claims on the altar of facts. CAN through its State Secretary spotted demographics that placed their members higher than what he quoted in the state. The troika were unanimous against his guttural claims by a Harvard School of Kennedy Graduate and Bretton Woods egghead.

The table has turned against a sharpist who think everybody is a mere simpleton. He thinks he is Cicero and Hannibal of our time. He is always over assuming his sagacity and audacity. The end is lurking at the corner! His statement has indeed exposed the content of his heart of hearts. Contemporary Anti-Christ? Yes, of course. A classic Nigerian Tutsi!

What is making his media men “deafing” and gluing their tongues on the roof of their mouths? They Have defended every “goddam shit” of their demigod from 29th May 2015 to date.Why are they not in their usual hurry to radio and television stations? Why are they not making calls and blackmailing people simply because their god is on firing lines? These people are morally malnourished. Even Hindus don’t reverence a cow they way they idolize him.

This silence is not golden. Not at all. Let them talk. We want them to talk. Now is time to talk. They must talk. The most rotten part of history is kept for Mr. El-rufa’i’s vuvuzelas in this life and the hottest part of hell is reserve for them after sojourning on this earth. Serving a government with a clear mission to sink your people is worse than the treatment Judas gave Jesus. What a hell!

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