As a giant of Africa that came into existence through forceful integration, Nigeria would on October 1, 2016– celebrate her intricacies achievements since from October 1, 1960 to date. The task which originated as the result of Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe ability to carried the mantle of leadership at the magisterial palace in London– proved that Nigeria is riped to govern herself.
Consequently, the aspiration of Nigeria’s Nationalists of granting independence to Nigeria was fulfilled. On October 1, 1960, Queen Elizabeth found it inevitably worthy to grant Nigeria independence on the basis of retaining veto power. However, the monarchical system, lasted only for a short period of three years (1960-1963). From and before October 1, 1963, the uniform assumption that Nigeria is capable to govern herself became an anachronism. As any sane person that took beyond casual view of Nigeria’s political history will attest, the independence of Nigeria is yielding more harm than good to majority rank-and-files citizens of the country.
Thus, the need to illuminate the achievements of Nigeria towards her annual celebration of independence become very imperative at a time when the country is in the state of socioeconomic apropos political logjam. This in effect, will aid majority Nigerians to know ‘what they have been celebrating’, ‘what they would celebrate (on October 1, 2016)’, and if theories are not put into practice, ‘what they will continue to celebrate ad infinitum.’ On October 1, 2016, celebrating Nigeria’s independence will be an acknowledgement of 56years of unsuccessful journey to the promise land of permanent affluence and dearth of destitute. For that, other Third World countries and Developed States of whom Nigeria is a source of exploitation, must celebrate together with Nigerians without positive cause. At 56th years of independence, Nigerians would boast for retaining the heinous title of ‘human-rights-abuse citizens’.
That’s to say, the ‘fundamental’ and ‘order human rights’ of the citizens are not being respected either by the leaders, nor majority citizens of the country. It is often said that the greatest sin in a democratic palace is to restricts the rights of the citizens without a cause, in Nigeria, such is defined as a misdemeanour. It is none of the leaders business to use human rights among the guidelines for emanating laws. It is also none of the majority citizens business to apply human rights approach in justifying the behaviours of their leaders. The accumulation of these make Nigeria an odd in the list of democratic states. What Nigerians would celebrate at 56th years of independence will be an avow for sustaining socioeconomic cum political instability. Since the anticipation of independence to date, the prospect of united Nigeria, affluence, good leadership –have not in any form perceived to majority citizens of Nigeria. With the division of the country into six geopolitical lines, depending on one source of national survival, and absence of political stability– it becomes crystal-clear that independence celebration in Nigeria is not attuned to legal expectation.
October 1 is the day reserved to let the world know, through mass jubilation, that Nigeria is a propaganda emblem. Its formal and informal institutions, public and civil servants, population value – cannot stand democratic justification. There are many instances that proven the foregoing assertions valid. The establishment of schools, hospitals, roads, and other public administration institutions without been structured in a way that can enable them to serve the purpose of their existence – is a direct interpretation. More to these, even the common (but invalid) assumption that Nigeria is; practicing indirect democracy, pillared with a parliament representing all the citizens of the country, and, featured with a judiciary arm that is protecting the rights of the citizens –are proving in wide scope that celebrating October 1 is synonymous with celebrating propaganda ship. Also, celebration on October 1 is a call to join Nigeria in boasting for specialization on a singular source of statehood. The discovery of petroleum in 1984 is one thing that continue to increase sense of corruption, sloot ship, and comparative skills of reaping without sowing.
This achievement also wiped away other productive institutions of Nigeria such as agriculture, craft, artistic inter alia. At 56years of independence, Nigerians would be glad to appraise the world how people’s skills were killed, how local inventions were/are downgraded, and how natural resources become pandemic. The clerics are not left behind in justifying whether Nigeria is worth celebrating independence or not. This task was done by two divinely call clerics. A Christian Reverend asserted that if there’s something that Nigerians need to collectively do (rather than celebrate) is to engage in seasonless prayer and fasting. “Through faith and mercies of God”, the Reverend assured, “Nigeria will be blessed with just leaders even as the country is in the state of interregnum of divinely appointed leaders.” On the other hand, one Mullah of the Islamic Dom confirmed that marking independence day must not be through celebration especially when there is no cause for that. He suggested that the day can be remembered through official declaration of one or two days for committing the country’s ill-governments (the three tiers) into the hands of the Supreme being. What Nigeria would celebrate on October 1 was summarized by one prowess political analyst. When asked whether Nigeria is eligible to celebrate her 56th independence or not, the anonymous political analysts responded: “Celebrate what? We must not lower our thinking mechanism down to that of kindergarten standard. Celebration is not associated with failure.” He added, “It’snt Nigeria not in the same position since 1960 to date? In Fact, with the momentum of corruption skills, she is becoming worst on daily basis. No sane person can relate the 2015 living standard of majority Nigerians with that of 2016. This is a sufficient evidence that October 1 has remained the official date for a myriad demonstration of insanity via the virtue of failure.”
The need to rise the million dollar question: ‘are there worth celebrating achievements in Nigeria dating from 1960-2016?’ It depends on who is asked. “Yes”, said a northern political analyst. “No”, argued a southern political analyst. A great majority number of inter-regional political analyst have a problem in justifying the former claim. The latter can stand a critical analysis. Despite the fact that the 56th independence of Nigeria had brought shame, disaster, distrust, and epidemic, there are few quasi achievements that Nigeria have achieved (but not worth celebrating). First and foremost, Nigeria have to boats for popularising Africa in the map of the world. Why Nigeria was given the title ‘giant of Africa’ is nothing beyond her large (untrained) population. Since a continent is rank based on her population size, Nigeria will perceive the sense of pride on October 1– for mounting a significant percentage in producing Africa’s myriad population size. Secondly, Nigeria have achieved the (latent) title of being a pioneer among the most religious states. A great majority number of Nigeria believes that the state is God’s creature; its leaders are divinely call, they are accountable to no authority but God.
This proves why most of the strange/anti-democratic behaviours of Nigerian leaders are not being wave with mass criticisms, neither welcome with revolution, not because of the multitudinous number of illiteracy (as some school of thoughts preaches), but because of the influence of divine dicta. Thirdly, producing literates. Before October 1, 2016, Nigeria had gained world recognition for producing (annual) qualified graduates since independence — who are capable of administering to the public and private sector effectively. The world is reminded annually that Nigeria is pillared with both natural and artificial resources whose effective implementation by granting financial aid alongside with an established conducive environment, for economic activities– can stage the country ahead of no other. Primary and Secondary schools, Colleges of Education, Polytechnics, Universities, Engineers, Doctors, and Professors – are evidence that Nigeria owns the seed of her development. Would celebrating Nigeria independence based on positive achievements ever be an attainable reality? Indeed! It is among the certain factors of the country. When corruption, marginalisation, human rights abuse, and maladministration – reached the apex, it will unequivocally cajoled majority number of Nigerians to seek comfort through revolution. This wise action will born new leaders with comradeship spirit, bring socioeconomic and political development, established voluntary integration, and lead to nationalism. Consequently, it will resuscitate the primordial status of Nigeria’s independence: “Emancipation for Development”. Although it might be delayed, but it will surely exposed to reality.
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