The Gurara Forum is dismayed with the apparent return to unprovoked killings in SOUTHERN KADUNA. A few years ago, we witnessed unprecedented and wanton killings in the deep hinterland of Southern Kaduna especially in Bitaro, Aduwan, Zonkwa, Attakar, Bondong and Sanga to mention a few high casualty figure areas of attack. While that was going on, villages were sacked through razing of homes, farmlands and barns. The style of killings were genocidal and a clear attempt to decimate or eliminate a people from their traditional homes and communities. We recall how we in this forum were inundated everyday with one call or another of tales of killings individually and in groups or communities !

We recall how we faced government to live up to their responsibilities through press releases, protests and radio/TV programmes. We recall how we dragged the chairman of the Human Rights Commission up hill to Attakar and Zonkwa for an on The Spot assessment in order to take up our case to world bodies and the Federal government at the time. The Chairman was the one who opened a Hashtag for us on Tweeter with the handle ‪#‎stopkillingsinsouthernkaduna‬#. It went viral. We were able to attract the attention of the world and news of the killings reached international media houses. We recall how we reached out to members of this forum to assist with unused clothings, footware, medicines and other items to take to the IDPs!

The noise we made took the then Governor muktar ramallam to Sanga where he met a resistant community for the long neglect!

Those dark and ominous days seem to be back again. Recently, no week passes without another spate of killings in Southern Kaduna. Howbeit government is unable to apprehend such killers and cowardly murderers is baffling. But they are able to arrest and stop cattle rustlers. The most irritating part is that President Buhari has refused to make a single statement about the killings going on in the Middle Belt of Nigeria. The middle belt has remotely become the middle east on the world map known for bloodshed! His body language indicates that he does not accept the allegations that these killers are of the Fulani stock, his kinsmen! But has he made any attempt to fish out these killers and prove the people wrong? Now the fears are seemingly not unfounded that there is a grand plan to probably annihilate the peoples of the middle belt with these humongous killings. How else can one see it? Even when people are being killed in their sleep around the middle belt, the President flew to Zamfara in military fatigue to commission a 1000 strong military unit to fish out and arrest cattle rustlers indicating that people being killed didn’t matter but cattle! This is most insensitive and denigrating to say the very least!

Until proven otherwise, the Gurara Forum and indeed, all Southern Kaduna people view these killings as systematic and well coordinated attempt to decimate, annihilate and obliterate the people of Southern Kaduna until something is done and done fast!

We hereby call on the state government to immediately swing into action just like they did about the cattle rustlers to go after these killers and bring them to justice, otherwise we shall rightly consider this incessant acts of brigandage as genocide brewing in our land as our people no longer feel safe in their ancestral lands!

Thank you very much.

Vincent Bodam

Chancellor, Gurara Forum

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