Take Responsibility Mr. President

By George Makeri
This clueless regime came in and took over the security of pipelines from off the hands of militants ‘don tsananin kishi kawai’ without weighing the odds. This led to increased pipeline vandalism. They didn’t stop there, they started bombing private refineries instead of upgrading them and confiscating them where necessary. They brought in a clueless Forex policy that controls only one (CBN) of the multiple variables that determine exchange rates, in the name of controlling dollar rise. The dollar was never controlled because it can never be controlled that way. They stopped over 119 cargo ships from lifting our crude in the spirit of malice and sadism. The resultant effect was the boycott of Nigeria’s crude. They went further to unbundle the NNPC to several independent units, thus creating unnecessary bottlenecks in the process, all in the name of removing bottlenecks.

NNPC workers saw through the retrogresive policy and protested seeking for explanation. The clueless government ignored their position of knowledge and forced them back to work without any explanation, thus killing morale. The blind loyalists of the Government applauded them for using apathy to kill morale instead of empathy to raise morale. They went on to remove the PIB that gives ten percentage to oil producing states, thus creating unnecessary unrest and tension. They did all these, knowing well that Nigerian refineries are not capable of supplying all the needs of Nigeria. Our refineries supply only forty percentage of our needs with the rest sixty imported and supplied by the bombed local private refineries.

All of the above and many more, brought us to were we are today and instead of the FG to take responsibility for their actions or inactions and do the needful, they find it convenient to blame the PDP for expending sixteen without building more refineries. They deem it proper to blame Goodluck Ebele Jonathan because he was a president from a minority ethnic nationality.

You then begin to wonder whether Goodluck was the man who led them to take all those vendetta-driven policies. One was expecting the presidency to make policies based on national interest, but this clueless and selfish president made policies based on personal interest driven by ethnic and religious sentiments. People who do not understand what corruption really is, are using corruption to battle corruption. And the blind party supporters will continue to support this cluelessness as the country continue to sink. When this regime can no longer lie, they will instigate sectarian crisis across the states to take the people’s eyes away from their ineptitude and cluelessness. The governor of Kaduna hate speeches and inflammatory statements on the 6th of April are simply forerunners for worse things to come.

The way out of this quagmire is for all Nigerians, irrespective of their religious or ethnic affiliation, especially northern Muslims, to refuse being manipulated by leaders who use religion as was always the case to score political points to the detriment of their unsuspecting masses.

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