Southern Kaduna Killings: Elrufai re-arrested CEO of Chocolate City Audu Maikori

The CEO of Chocolate City in Nigeria Mr. Audu Maikori has been re-arrested by the Governor of Kaduna State. Audu’s arrest came after Elrufai publicly vowed to prosecute Audu in social media chat he had in Lagos. The governor accused Audu of publicly posting pictures of Rwanda and Boko Haram killings as Southern Kaduna genocide. He also accused Audu of posting a story that was falsely created by Audu’s driver which Audu retracted with a public apology after the driver confessed of creating the story in order to extract money from him.

Elrufai is known for making inciting and hateful tweets on  social media without been questioned by any government or caution for his hateful and inciting post on the social media. Elrufai has been trying to give the world a wrong impression and narratives as the true situation of the ongoing genocide in Southern Kaduna.

Elrufai has also confessed to aiding terrorist Fulani militias from neighbouring countries of Nigeria as his Fulani kinsmen. He has also confessed of compensating the killers committing genocide and ethnic cleansing in Southern Kaduna on numerous TV interviews and publications on papers and he is yet to be arrested or brought to book for aiding and sponsoring terrorism.

Elrufai is yet to prosecuted any Fulani militia on the ongoing killings carried out on innocent indigenous Southern Kaduna people, but he has prosecuted indigence calling for the killings to stop and he keeps threatening those calling for the killings to stop with arrest and prosecution without going after the Fulani killers.

We call on Nigerians to say no to Tyranny and abuse of power by calling on the international communities to independently investigate and prosecute Nasir Elrufai to International Criminal Court of Justice for the atrocities he is committing against humanity.

By KK Adamu

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