Augustine Fyen 55yrs and a father of 6 and one killed along side with him
Abishal Augustine SS1 15yrs old

By Samson Bemu 

A friend, Shai J Maisams raised a critical question and one that should be of major concern to well meaning Nigerians. Especially now that the middle belt and largely Christian communities are seriously threatened and faced with the ominous danger of being systematically wiped out by the murderous fulani herds men.

Yesterday, the 18th day of may, 2017 Asso a village in Jema'a LGA of the southern part of Kaduna was attacked again in the still of the night and while it was raining. The evil merchants of death violated a man's house, killed the man and his daughter. Two other men, who were on transit, were also gunned down by these heartless bunch of fire worshippers. 

Gun shots by the terrorists fired on sporadically and they villagers were robbed of peace yesterday night. Yesterday's attack is the fifth in a roll of series of attacks that are not only calculated to kill and plunder the village but part of a grand design to grab land and to create more spheres of influence.

We seemed to have gotten used to the killings and no one is talking about them anymore. The truth is that the killings have not stopped, the monsters are out there sucking the blood of the innocent, with massive support by a government that is an embodiment of bigotry, nepotism and supremacist in nature.
Was Operation 'harbin kunama' a sham? Or a subterfuge and a trap meant to further render the defenceless Natives of southern Kaduna vulnerable and open for target practice by the fully and well armed fulani terrorists.

For those who doubted the 'Northern Agenda', including yours sincerely, it is no longer vague, the picture is becoming clearer each passing day. But with the spirit of God in us we shall not fail as good will always triumph over evil. The God we serve is a Mighty God
The Lord, our God is our strength. Please spare time to remember the Asso community in prayers and the entire southern Kaduna.

By Samson Bemu 

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