Dear S.K., for the past months things have been tough for you. Your sons and daughters are maimed and murdered, houses burnt and villages emptied. There is so much blood to warrant an impartial observer to call it a near genocide.


You have tried to let the government feel your pain and all you get is misplaced actions like deployment of Soldiers to secure secured places whilst the killings continue in the unsecured villages and enforcing curfews in places not necessary. It is sad. We all know it is sad. This makes you wonder if the State Government has a hand in the killings or why the Federal Government is  quiet and where are the Human Right Activists? The latter are probably quiet because they must have heard over the news that those inciting the evils are ‘Fulani Herdsmen’ not ‘Fulani Terrorists’ and see it as the usual conflict between herders and farmers(since you,S.K., is known for farming) and then, shrug their shoulders and say the government is doing her best to handle the situation with the deployments of security agents and the curfew! While in fact the situation is more than that, but they do not know this because all they know is what they read in the papers or watch on TV and you know they could be misleading sometimes with the  hike of sensational journalism and propaganda. Could this be the reason why it seems they are all conspiring against you? What reason can the State government give for a her misplaced actions? Who are those attacking you in the first place? And why?

You know that those attacking you are some of the Fulani folks you have been charitable to and others you don’t know but you cannot tell why they are doing so. Then you started asking questions; Is hospitality now a crime? Where did they get those weapons from? Who taught them how to operate it? What is the relationship between pressing udders and pulling triggers? Where did the other attackers come from? Then it became obvious to you,S.K., that someone or an affluent group is behind all these killings. They must have brainwashed and incited the Fulani with the lure of Paradise to kill you without any provocation or any previous enmity.
Whoever is responsible for all these either must have forgotten or do not know that you, S.K., is an old survivor of a campaign. Hausa hegemony.


They don’t know that you hardly fight back because you are believers in the concept that “for peace to reign, someone must be a fool”-they see that as a weakness and further their attacks. They don’t know that things have limit including your patience! When they push your patience to the limit, they do not know that you will quit pleading that the killings should stop and will stop the killings yourself. It might be worse than what they experienced in Kafanchan,March 1987 or that of Zango, May 1992 or more recently that of Zonkwa,2011 post election crisis…because then you defended yourselves as Kaje, Jaba, Katab, Fantswan, Kagoro, Kurama, Atakar, Kagoma, Kaninkon, Chawai, Gure et cetera, but now you will  work as the S.K. you are. That is what happens when   different minority tribes come together, they become more powerful. They become a majority.


On this “minority” issue. S.K., have you observed that the Northern Kaduna muslims, those that call themselves the ruling class, call you minorities and claim they can do without you yet they visit your homes begging for your votes? Yet they did not allow Gurara State to officially come into existence! It means you are important. S.K. you matter. It implies that you are a minority just by name. They call you a minority alongside the Hausa Christians in Northern Kaduna to lend credence to their notion that they are born to rule and to strengthen their divide and rule policy.


However, you cannot shy away from the fact that they see you as inferior to them. Probably because they have been ruling you and have made diplomatic contacts over the years as politicians. Northern Kaduna has more influential politicians than you S.K., and it is detrimental to you. One is not promoting ethnic sentiments in politics but truth be told. If in every democratic government the majority always have their way, and here, there are more Northern Kaduna elite in the governing body than you, S.K., therefore…there is no need to complete the syllogism, surely you can draw the inference yourself.


The words of Fredrick Douglass are instructive here; ‘Where justice is denied, poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organised conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons or property will be safe’. S.K., while you mourn your deceased sons and daughters, see this as an eureka moment to unite and bridge the political and economic gap between you and them.

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