Read spurious allegations against the youth wing of SOKAPU by a character(s) of no consequence. And also read spontaneous responses from the Youth Wing of Sokapu and numerous Southern Kaduna activists. It was a classic paragon of Newtonian third law of motion(action and reaction).

Accusers of SOKAPU YOUTH WING are busy-body “Cyber propaganda Generals” of a fat-ass governor that isn’t faithful to the social contract entered with the people of Kaduna State on 11/4/2015. Their fruitless mudslinging allegations is a crude science of swaying peoples attention from germane  issues like:

(a) compensation of his terrorist cousins in Cameroon,Mali,Chad,Senegal and Nigeria republics.

(b) wasting of 10b Naira on a failed school feeding program.

(c) His refusal to enroll his kids in public schools in Kaduna.

(d) Sadistic closure of Kafanchan campuses of higher schools.

(e) unending staff verification and disorientation of the state public service.

(f) introduction of a semi apartheid system in the state.

(g) condensing of frontiers of rights and liberty of people of Southern Kaduna.

(h) inability to render account for Paris club funds refund.

(I) making telling lies a dictum guiding governance in the state.

(j) slamming of 24/7 curfew for over two weeks in some LGAs in Southern Kaduna.

(k)Refusal to stop the genocide going on in Southern Kaduna.

A perusal of the sundry write-ups from Sokapu activists shows,they swallowed bait and engaged in trivialities in tandem with the design of these crumbs-picking dudes that lost their souls because of materialism.

Why would SOKAPU or their activists bother to debunk or offer insights of their meeting with Sen.Shehu Sani?  They must not because the man the propagandist claimed they are defending his interest don’t recognize SOKAPU. Why would somebody who don’t recognize you bother on your activities? Is this a case of eating your cake and still aspire to have it?

Two, is there a law barring the youth wing from communing or interfacing with a federal lawmaker? To the best of my knowledge there is no such law. So, it’s time wasting and energy consumption explaining what transpired between you and the senator. If there are reasons to meet Sen. Sani or any other, they shouldn’t hesitate.

Three,SOKAPU Youth Wing and their activists should have schooled Mr.El-rufai’s baby propagandist that; you don’t endorse people who have not officially declared their intentions to run. There is a procedure guiding endorsement, of which 2% of it hasn’t been made by Sen. Sani or any of the aspirants aspiring to send Mr.Elrufai to the political wilderness in 2019.Traducers only exposed their political naivety,in this case.

My SOKAPU comrades must watch out because Mr.El-rufai’s e-rats( as called in some platforms) will glow-on with their attention diverting antics. They will placed the car of their blackmail on gear five. They will saturate the political atmosphere with laughable and absurd tales that were not even told in th e hut of Nyakobi(Hope you remember the story telling woman in Ngugi’s Weep Not Child).

In the face of all these,the cup of my joy is overflowing because,their mandate is halfway. And from all indications,they seems not to understand that.Pretty soon,we shall wear our political garments and sandals, and begin to play the same they know we are professionals in.

Can somebody tell them, it will soon be a quarter to midnight?

John Danfulani
Awon Village
Kachia LGA
Kaduna State

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