SOKAPU: We Are Under Threat

By Israel Bulus, Kaduna

The national president of the Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU), Barr Solomon Musa has said that, they are facing threat of existence.

Musa said the attacks currently been faced in Southern Kaduna is aimed wiping them out from the face of the earth.

He stated this during the SOKAPU Youth wing Congress held on 25th February 2017 at Kachia.

“Their are people, who have already made up their mind to change the ratio of Southern Kaduna,” Barr Solomon said, adding, “When we came on-board, we saw government as partners which we can dialogue and address must of the insecurity challenges we are facing particularly in Southern Kaduna, but all channels to meet with government prove abortive.”

Solomon urged Southern Kaduna to begin to change their mindset.” We must change the way our Chiefs dresses and look for special design of cloths that reflects our culture and tradition. The names of our communities must be returned to the way they were called before.

The speaker at the programme, Mr.Rijo Shekari a chartered accountant who also designed the SOKAPU website and created with a twitter handle for the group, acknowledged that Southern Kaduna is going through trying times.
“Never in our history we have been bedevilled like the current level of insecurity, poverty, and desolation in our communities.”

“We have a leadership crisis in our hands, where our leaders have been unable to effectively speak on the issues that affect us. How did we get here? By not being involved politically and economically. Now that is why we are here today,” Rijo said.

“For how long shall we continue in our sleep and slumber. For how long are we going to pretend that all is well? I do not know about you, but I have been awakened by the dangers that surround us; the danger of losing our ancestral lands to foreigners; the danger of hunger and starvation because our people are terrified to go to their farms; and the danger that we will wake up one day only to discover that the rest of the world has advanced and left us behind.”

“Is it not a shame that the entire region of Southern Kaduna cannot boast of a single functional factory? We are one of the most educated regions in the country, yet we have nothing to show for it. All we do is speak grammar on social media and at night go to bed disgruntled, frustrated, and broke. That has to change. We must restore the pride and dignity of Southern Kaduna and that starts this year with the forth coming Local Government elections,”Rijo said.
He added: “Please if you are here and know anyone who is still leaving the old way, kindly tell them the world has moved, and is still advancing. Gone are the days of sharing rice and wrappers every four years only to be forgotten and our mandates bastardized. Not until we have factories to employ our youth, and community libraries to keep our children busy and broaden their horizons, they haven’t done anything. Not until we can process our own agricultural produce and mine our numerous natural resources.”

“We must go beyond pointing fingers at the government and blaming them for our woes; we must go beyond whining and complaining that we have been marginalized. We must take our destiny into our hands. Ever heard an Igbo man complain of his state governor or representatives? No! You know why? This is because each is his or her own economy. We must get to that point we can build our own roads, provide our own water, start up our own businesses, and employ our brothers and sisters. We cannot rely on the government all the time to better our lives,” He concluded.

In her part Ndi Kato, said,” One of the greatest challenges in Southern Kaduna was lack of unity, stressing that, “without unity we cannot forge ahead.

“We have lived under the mental suppression of mediocrity painted as contentment; made to believe that what we are doing is enough, that we should not aim high,” Ndi disclosed.

She also maintained that,” Politics should not be left to certain class of people if we do, we are handling our future, ourselves, and our children to people we consider evil and corrupt.

Meanwhile, the youth through their leader, Nasiru Jagaba, in their different submission rejected the creation of grazing reserves and they will move to defend their selves, alleging that the present administration has failed woefully to protect their lives and properties.

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