Audu Maikori has retracted the story of five students killed in Collage of Education Giya waya which was carried on Vangaurd Nigeria and on other online News blogs across the country. He has apologize to the general public and to the government for not having enough information from the originator of the story Simon Joseph who happens to be his personal driver about the story before speaking out and alerting the general public about the story.

The story has been retracted by both the school management and the Student Union Association of Collage of Education Gidan Waya Kaduna State, which was fictionally created by Simon as a means to gain sympathy and extort money from Audu Maikori with lies to bury his family.

This retracted story was not intentional in misleading the general public, its a case of an individual taking the advantage of the genocide situation in southern kaduna as a means to deceive and extort money. Simon Joseph has been handed over to the Police authority for further investigation.

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