Religious conspiracy in Kaduna State University appointments

Southern Kaduna has always been a victim of injustice in the affairs of the state. It has come to our notice that there is a grand conspiracy to sideline its qualified persons from the race to occupy the about to be vacant position of the registrar of KASU.

The vision of those who created the university was for principal offices i.e Vice Chancellor, Bursar, University Librarian and the Registrar to be shared/rotated between the Northern and the Southern part of the state and that has been followed up to the last dispensation.
But as it is, now the former Vice chancellor has been recently replaced with a Prof. from the Northern part of the state. The university librarian and Bursar as well are persons from the Northern part of the state.

The University Register’s tenure is expiring in March and the body language of KASU’s governing council is showing that they are likely to appoint another person from the northern part of the state to mount that position.
The Chairman governing council/Pro Chancellor, Prof. S.U Abdullahi is a renowned bigot whose major achievement is the Islamization of ABU Zaria when he was Vice chancellor of the school and was also among those who stopped Prof. Andrew Nok from becoming Vice Chancellor of ABU in 2009.

As it is now, the present Registrar should have gone for his terminal leave as part of condition of service just as observed by Prof. Qurix before the appointment of the new Vice Chancellor rather he is still on seat for reasons best known to them.
The southern part of the state have competent hands that can fill in the position of the current Registrar, but we doubt if due process, principles of justice and equity will be followed in the selection process with the current gimmick going on, especially since the current Registrar has not gone on his terminal leave as it is the norm .

We want to bring this issue to the Government of Kaduna state and the general public as well, as we show our discomfort and readiness to challenge this purported plan in the event the perpetrators do not backtrack.

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