SEPTEMBER 24, 2014


We just received a press statement by Ahmed Maiyaki Director General of Media to Governor Yero of Kaduna State. The statement looks like a rebuttal of Centrum Initiative For Development and Fundamental Rights Advocacy (CEDRA) call for declaration of State of Emergency in Kaduna State, and Southern Kaduna Peoples Indigenous Forum (SKIPFO) resolution of dragging his principal to International Criminal Court (ICC) in Hague for systematically supervising a genocide agenda against the people of Southern Kaduna. Characteristic of an amateur propaganda dog, he unabashedly wobbled through issues and ended up exhibiting his below-average skills in the art of making lies look attractive.

Throughout his razzmatazz and bunkum balderdash there is absence of determination to debunk a pyramid of allegations labelled against the Governor. CEDRA and SKIPFO cited and displayed statistics of people annihilated through the genocide agenda his principal is supervising and properties destroyed in now uncountable assaults in our villages. As stated in our Wednesday 5th February 2014 press statement, the best we saw and heard from Governor Yero and his troop of zombies were press statements loaded with hyperbolic rantings of undertakings to pursue and prosecute perpetrators of such dastardly and cowardly acts. And as I write on 10th February 2014 no single arrest has been made, and the few ones that luck ran against them and were caught in action while killing or burning properties of our people are yet to appear in any Court of Law.
Governor Yero’s panjandrum media doctor cooked a raw lie by saying his kleptocratic principal visited victims of attacks and sent State Emergency Agency to them. This is far from the truth because records show that he only appeared in Attakar, Manchok and Aduwan (only three times). But the whole World knows that we have had almost a hundred assaults now. So, using inductive and deductive reasoning, it is clear that he did not pay visits to all victims and in all instances, as claimed. Why playing the ostrich in a porous plain? Who is so undiscerning not to be able to read thin blue lines in between his unspiced lies?
The Director General and Publicity labelled us and others calling for justice and resignation of Governor Yero on competency grounds ethic jingoists toiling hard to score cheap popularity. That must be a self looking glass! Since 16th December 2012, the major thrust of their government has been tribalism and religious fanatism. It was during his tenure that Christian worshippers in Issah Makaranta in Jere Chiefdom were raided and service disrupted. This didn’t happen throughout our long sting in military rule, except now that our version of a Taliban Chief is Governor. Their economic dictum and patronage is fashioned in apartheid-like style. No democratic government is run in this country today in a religious, gangster-like , and cultist mannerism like that of Governor Yero.

We can’t be living under a team of treasury looters and modern pharaohs who don’t respect the sanctity of life of people of Southern Kaduna and keep quiet. Kaduna State today can be equated to a Hobsian State of Nature where life is brutish, short and nasty. It will take a man deficit of dregs of milk of humanity to think we shall seal lips and stand hands folded while their impunity and rascality glow. His statement shows that he is mentally sick and poor in human feelings.

From time immemorial, history has it that we have never been conquered by any local force. And the story of our resistance to oppressors is well documented. If by act of commission or omission these cream of electorally worthless elements in Sir Kashim Ibrahim House who couldn’t deliver their polling units in 2011, but are today enjoying the fruit of the mandate we got through sweat and blood think we have lost that fierce resistance culture, they must be dreaming.
So long as we live, these atrocities will never go unchallenged. And guess they know it is our right to do so. Some of the rights he is trying to
challenge aren’t given by man but by God and certified by global, regional, and national laws. What Ahmed and his Aryan minded boss are doing is throwing the last kicks of a dying horse. Resistance to evil isn’t only service to God but a constitutional duty. We shall continue to do just that.

Dr. John Danfulani
Centrum Initiative For Development and Fundamental Rights Advocacy (CEDRA)

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