“‘Concerning non-violence, it is criminal to teach people not to defend themselves when they are the constant victims of brutal attacks'”. — Malcolm X

When a governor says those killing people and butchering children in Southern Kaduna are “foreigners”, that means Nigeria is at war in Southern Kaduna. It is not just the direct victims of the attacks in Kogi, Southern Kaduna, Benue, Zamfara and Southeast, Nigeria is at war if as is said the attackers are foreigners.

When the governor also said that those killing same people in Southern Kaduna are Niger Delta militants then one of two other issues are at play. It is either we have local and foreign enemies killing people in Southern Kaduna in which case it is worse, a case of foreign invasion and domestic terrorism; or that the governor lied or does not know what is going on.

When the governor is said to have described the protesting women, most of whom are now widows or have lost their children, parents and relations as “Fasikai”, as he ignores the physical and emotional trauma that influenced their response to the federal and state governments inactions. When he ignores that they are a frustrated people who are losing loved ones in droves.

When he is ready to go head on with the full force of our security apparatus to attack rostlers to protect cows, but is “helpless” as humans die and others suffer the pain of losing loved ones. When he admitted to paying ransom or compensation to some people while others are massacred, the same man that on 26th April, 2013 (3:34pm), said in response to the payments by the government of Dr Goodluck Jonathan to militants, that;


And now he is admitting to doing same thing he criticized 3½ years ago?

When the same governor says asking people to protect and defend themselves from being massacred at night in their villages while they sleep is promoting hate but those that swore oath to protect these villages refused to act. The President will not even speak to condole or acknowledge the genocide.

When a government spokesman, either because he is incompetent or is ‘sabotaging’ the President says his boss needs not address the victims of murder, maiming, arson, when at the slightest opportunity he will speak of killing and terrorist acts in Europe and other parts of the world.

When it was reported that the state governor made many trips to Abuja, including the Defence HQ to request help, but nothing came through and people are continually murdered, massacred, villages completely raised, women raped in a nightly blitz attacks.

When all these happen to a people and government does nothing or prioritize the wrong things then the people must protect themselves even if it means they will all die in the process. It is better to die on your feet than on your knees. Arm yourselves with knives, cudgels, cutlasses, guns etc. Protect yourselves.

If you come up here with the wicked and insensitive argument that they should not defend themselves then you are not only heartless, you are worse than those attacking them. You have to be the personification of evil to argue that people of Kogi, Benue, Southern Kaduna should not organize and defend themselves against genocidal terrorists but Northeast should have a Civilian JTF.

Sending the police force, military, helicopters and gun ships to save and protect cows in one part of the state while people die in another part of the state people are dying of genocide at the hands of ‘foreign invaders’ and/or local militia is the dumbest and wicked decision anyone will make.

And to tell people, whether they are in Benue, Enugu, Lokoja, Zamfara or Southern Kaduna, not to defend themselves or to tell others not to tell them to defend themselves when they are under constant brutal attack and no one is coming to protect and defend them is to tell them to sit idly by and watch as they are massacred. It is same as telling them to be spectators in their own murders. That is wicked, and as posited by Malcolm X, “‘IT IS CRIMINAL”‘.

Defend yourselves or die. At best, IDP camps will be set up for you in neighbouring States of Plateau, Niger and Nasarawa etc. You will be in camps where some idiots may be awarding contracts of N200 million to clear the grass in your future IDP camp. Organize and defend yourselves. In time, the government will be forced to send the military to coordinate and surpervise you. Do not attack innocent people, but you have to defend villages and people.

Source: Elanza News 

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