Press Statement By Netzit Patriotic

Good day gentlemen of the press. We members of the Netzit Patriotic Front are appalled at Mr. President’s callous insensitivity to the massacres of Nigerians other than the Hausa/Fulanis by his fulani kinsmen. Mr. President, by being silent on the Fulani massacres in Yesterday’s Democracy Day Speech, has reaffirmed a long held belief that the atrocities being committed against Nigerians by his Fulani kinsmen, has his blessings. His attempt to shift attention from the Fulanis to fallout from Libya’s crisis, depicted a calculation to give the fulanis cover while they continue to massacre Nigerians who do not share in the president’s ethnic and religious leanings. How else do we interpret Mr. President’s silence? He mentioned Bokoharam, Niger Delta Avengers, but kept mute over a more grave issue as the series of satanic massacres by his fulani herdsmen. We find this most appalling given that it is Mr. President’s primary responsibility and his chiefest selling point to ensure the safety of lives and properties of all Nigerians irrespective of their ethnic nor religious inclination. Thus, it didn’t come to us as a surprise when the Chief of Army Staff, Buratai, on Thursday 26th May, blamed the Enugu and other related attacks on Bokoharam terrorists. In his words: “One may not be too far from the fact that some of these herdsmen that are attacking communities across the country may have some affiliation with the Boko Haram terrorists.” Buratai’s take found acceptance in a publication thereafter that claimed that the same people sponsoring bokoharam are those sponsoring those responsible for the massacres across the country and it is our belief that key officials in the APC-led government are part of these sponsors – thus why they graduate easily into the south of Nigeria after taking over power, as well as striking basically after APC is being defeated in any election thus far. Even the leadership of the DSS have shown her complicity when she claimed to have discovered murdered fulanis in one of the southern states. What was her aim of publicising such? To throw the country into turmoil? The Buhari police and other security agencies showed their hands too in always excusing the fulani atrocities on the premises of reprisals. Is reprisal now legalised for the Buhari police to support it? This has clearly shown what anarchy the country is gently being pushed into by the Buhari government. On 31st January 2016, a Fulani leader in Borno bemoaned the killings of over sixteen hundred herdsmen with their tents and hamlets torched. If we are to take Buratai seriously about herdsmen affiliation to bokoharam, then these claims by this Borno fulani leader is null and void, but we know it isn’t. You will recall that on 12th of April 2016, a publication was made by the Nigerian Army warning members of the public of a possibility of fleeing bokoharam terrorists from the Sambisa forest resettling among the public. Given the silence of Mr. President over the massacres of Nigerians in his Democracy Day Speech, it is instructive then to question the Buhari army with respect to the security of non- Hausa/fulanis in Nigeria, as we are forced to wonder whether such warning was not calculated with a view to unleash violence on non-Hausa/fulani territories all over the country and blame it on bokoharam. Is it a co-incidence that not too long after that circular, Imo, Enugu, Abia, parts of Yoruba lands, Taraba and etc came under herdsmen attacks. Priests and pastors were kidnapped and murdered, attempts were made on the life of the Catholic Cardinal on Edo/Ekpoma road and multiple other atrocities perpetrated; with perverts kidnapping and raping Christian minors right under the watchful eyes and protection of the police, while the traumatised fathers of these little girls are reduced to self pity before an authority that won’t blink an eyelid or move a finger. Instead of the army to fish out the murderers and flush them out, the army chief is more interested in exonerating the fulanis with his speech and blaming it on bokoharam. The president is blaming it on Libyans. And to make matters worse, the president refused to tell us how his government intends to flush out the ‘bokoharam’ or is it ‘Libyans’ that have been massacring Nigerian citizens, but was quick to deploy troops to massacre vandals in the south-south. Does this silence over an issue as grave as the security of lives and properties of Nigerians who are non-hausa/fulanis and non-muslims of little import to Mr. President and his crew? You will recall that on 21st February 2016, David Mark was declared winner and over five hundred Agatu people were massacred on that night. Do we need a seer to tell us before we believe the Agatu massacre was instigated by highly placed officials in the APC-led government in retaliation against the electoral victory of PDP David Mark? The choice of Agatu which is a PDP stronghold, the loud silence of the APC-led governments at both state and federal levels for over one week after the massacres and the attempt on David Mark’s life by Fulani herdsmen as he went to sympathise with the survivors of the Fulani carnage in the second week of March, are few among our very strong reasons. Even when the government at both the state and federal levels, broke the silence, Agatu came under more repeated attacks. It is little wonder how the violence that characterised the Rivers’ Gubernatorial Re-run that saw to the announcement of the victory of Nyesom Wike on 13th April; met a swift condemnation by Mr. President. However, the same Mr. President kept mute about the massacre of over twelve Rivers citizens including a pastor in Ohali/Elu community, by Fulani herdsmen for the first time ever, after it was clear that PDP took Rivers right from top to bottom. This killings were carried out after the Re-run election, just like the Agatu killings, under the pretext of missing cows. This massacre was earlier reported as cult wars until machete cuts on the victims confirmed fulani herdsmen were behind it. Even INEC refused to announce the Rivers rerun results and had to be prompted by PDP senators to do that. How Rivers will come under massacre for the first time ever because APC lose election is very instructive. The Lere Re-run election in Kaduna State, ushered in similar pattern of terrorism against the Christian Majority in that Local Goverment Area by Fulani herdsmen. There were kidnappings, rape, extortion and general terrorism by fulani herdsmen to which the police were completely quiet. Part of the reason we campaigned and voted for APC under Buhari was due to our firm belief that PMB will bring to a swift end, terrorism in the whole country in its entirety. We didn’t envisage terrorism spreading to other parts of the country when we are yet to be completely done with the north-east. Things have further degenerated under PMB and as stakeholders and patriots in the nation Nigeria, this press statement is informed by our desire for a more secured, corruption-free, better and greater nation under PMB. However, we are disappointed with PMB after one year in office, and even more disappointed in Mr. President that he didn’t consider the lives of Nigerians sacred enough to mention the fulani massacres across the country in his speech. Thank you. George Makeri Chairman Netzit Patriotic Front.

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