Press Release By Netzit Patriotic Front, By George Makeri

We members of the Netzit Patriotic Front, completely object to the move by the Governor to compromise the State House of Assembly members in order to pass the anti-people’s religious bill easily. We say no to bribery and corruption in Kaduna State, especially by government who are saddled with the responsibility of checkmating such monster. Mr President rightly captured it in his acceptance speech: “If we don’t kill corruption, corruption will kill us”, thus we abhor the governor’s move completely.  Using public fund to bribe the people’s representatives is the worst kind of executive criminality you could ever imagine, because it robs the people in two folds: compromising their representatives and misappropriation of public funds. This is what we frowned at by the previous government and we cannot keep mute as it repeats itself in this government that should know better.

It is not a co-incidence that the same representative, Honourable Nuhu Machu Goro Shadalafiya Kagarko, who was tasked with defending the distribution of the cars and dismissing the allegation that such distribution is meant to bribe and to compromise the house, is the same guy who tabled the anti-people’s Religious bill.

It is not by sheer stroke of fate that the same Honourable Nuhu Goro was an aid of the governor when the governor was minister of FCT and led all the demolition teams in Abuja back then. When the seventh senate set up the committee on FCT, chaired by Senator Sodangi, the same Honourable Nuhu Goro found himself crying and pleading for forgiveness. If he could cry and beg for clemency then, it means any of these two things: he sure knew what El-Rufai did back then was bad or he was simply shedding crocodile tears. Any of the two outcomes exposes double standards which is a dishonourable vice. And today in Kaduna State, this same dishonoured Gora is now honoured to be leading the members of the state house of assembly on yet another demolition exercise – though this time around, they are demolishing people’s liberties using the dark tools of bribery and corruption. Choosing this time when a controversial bill is still on the table to give jeeps to selected house members and turning around to tell us it’s not bribe, is the height of disrespect to the intelligence of the real people of Kaduna State.

Mr. Governor must learn to practice what this change government preached: zero tolerance for corruption. Mr. Governor should allow a free and uncompromised house to look at the fears and aspirations of those that sent them there. Bribery and corruption cannot will never be tolerated by us. Thank you.

Signed: George Makeri
Chairman Netzit Patriotic Front

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