Press Conference on the raise of Fulani militancy in Northern Central Nigeria: Press Club Geneva United Nations

Due to a rising Fulani militancy, there are minority ethnic villages in North central Nigeria that suffer deliberate coordinated, systematic and continuous attacks. Though this militia has killed thousands of people in recent year, they continue to operate with little to no government intervention. The nature of this violence demonstrates that the Fulani have the potential to displace Boko Haram as the greatest threat to Nigeria.

Mr Mark Lipdo
Founder of Stefanos Foundation, a human right advocacy, relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction agency in Nigeria

Mr Solomon Musa
National President of Southern Kaduna People’s Union

Mr Mark Jacobs
Attorney for over 25 years, former Attorney General of Kaduna State

Ms. Mirjam Bos
Lawyer with Jubilee Campaign, an international human right organisation


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