Before the advent of the APC administration and during the electioneering period, Nigerians (actually gullible Nigerians), believed Nigeria's problems then, were handmade by the PDP, at least that was what the incumbent APC made the masses believe and thus used in gaining acceptance. Hapless Nigerians were told change is here, and sadly they were a sucker for it hook, line and sinker. Seeing how the people fell for the charade, APC led government even after settling down in office several months on, kept blaming the PDP years for everything they (APC) have failed to do. For whatever it is worth, lies can only be sustained with further lies, but soon the whole thing will crumble like a house made of cards. Therefore to keep these pack of lies 'truthful', more lies and even more lies must be splashed, to keep it shinny. And the government, is good at that - at least that is one aspect of (mis) governnace that it has been recording success by the minute.

The PDP days had its own share of the wahala, which seems to become synonymous with every Nigerian government anyway - embezzlement and all. But in their drive to make good their promises to Nigerians, they goofed by allowing a bad culture grow within its house. The days of God fatherism, imposition and an alarming lack of internal democracy, held sway. There were so many agrieved persons within and without looking for an opportunity to vent their frustration and or achieve their ambitions. And so, when there was an APC for an alternative, people moved in droves, for myriad reasons. Chief amongst this reasons was to get back at the PDP as it were.

Now, we have a seemingly new political party, that is peopled by same people of old, financed by proceeds of sleaze, nurtured in barefaced lies, sustained by Nazi-like propaganda and most recently fed with whimsically​ driven anarchy as seen by the nature of its ongoing fight against corruption and sundry inadequacies. Is there really a fight against corruption ongoing in Nigeria today, with these skewed nature of investigations. Is there even any improvement in security, as seen by the wanton destruction of lives and property in Southern Kaduna and across the middle belt? Is there any improvement in the economy, condition of living, health-care etc?

I dare say my opinion is worth it's weight in gold, because it is totally true and open knowledge that ordinary Nigerians were made millionaires during the PDP era. Yes, people were made in money, they were minting money (literally), making fast bucks. Hence there was money everywhere, and it didn't seem any strange, when Ghana-must-go bags were exchanging hands. It wasn't any absurd to see flamboyance in life styles of Nigerians as opposed to the new order of moderation and near-absence owambes and street parties. But before one alludes these new trends to any so-called anti corruption war, one need to have another look at the differences between the two political parties' GOVERNANCE styles, that yet ascentuate their similarity.

During the PDP era, party faithfuls, errand boys, urchins, hangers-on, financiers and officials etc, were often openly 'settled' with contracts, political appointments, humongous gifts and lavished owambes. This therefore made it almost impossible for the beneficiaries of such gestures to 'chop' alone, thereby making it possible for everyone in the know and even not in the know to 'chop' directly or indirectly as the case maybe. From the personal assistant to the Honourable, to the Secretary, Clerks, special advisers/assistants, even gateman and drivers, you name it. Even girlfriends and mistresses are involved in the 'chopping'. Hence, this makes the money to get round and everybody is happy. This then explains why there was money 'everywhere' during the PDP days. And it is now safe to say corruption was visibly walking around on the streets of Nigeria.

However, justaposing with the APC era, where the broom-wielding change agents, party men, friends, family, mistresses and urchins are settled in the confines of offices, hotels and homes. Contracts are shared quitely and nocturnally with so much care not to allow even the walls eavesdrop. So much so, making their stuffed mouths shut (no talking while chopping), or more elaborately chopping and cleaning mouths. This therefore makes money circulation restricted to families, cronies, dieheart hero worshippers, girlfriends, mistresses, concubines etc. Who, certainly won't tell, nor show any signs of 'chopping', in resonance with the so-called 'no chopping' mantra. This explains the saintly appearance of this APC-led administration. But we know better, don't we?

Finally, having successfully placed the two sides of thesame coin to pull the wool from off gullible Nigerians eyes, may I quickly state that the sleaze during the PDP that is running in several Billions of Nigeria is only so, because PDP is out of power and under investigation now. Wait untill the APC is also out of power and is being investigated, then Nigerians will be better informed not to trust paper change but genuine change. For now, we watch - and keenly too.

Tim Maiyaki.

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