Pastor Cries Out Over IDPs Influx In Southern Kaduna

By Israel Bulus

A Pastor with the Governors Assembly and coordinator, Nehemiah Camp,Gideon Mutum, has cried out over what he described as the influx of
Internally Displace Persons (IDPs) in the Southern part of Kaduna
state following recent attacks in the area.

Mutum has equally solicited spirited individuals and government support to ease the plight of the displaced they are currently camping.

He made the call yesterday at the Model Primary School Takau , Jema’a local government area of Kaduna State, immediately he received another 1,000 IDPs apart from the 1,234 IDPs in his camp.

“The camp started over three months ago following the unprovoked and systematic attacks that has been bedeviling Southern Kaduna. In this camp, we have seen three ladies that alighted from a vehicle half naked because they were in a bathroom when the attackers struck.

“The camp started with about 40 people when I confronted my wife on what we should do to help the victims of these attacks and by God grace we have more than 2,233 IDPs,” he said. The clergy man said they have not received any assistance from government adding that the local government sent a delegation of six
people to verify the number of the people they have.

“The camp has victims from Pasakori, Ungwan Anjo, Godogodo, Goska, Ninte Golkofa among many others communities that suffered same attack,” he said.

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