I read a piece today by the CEO of Chocolate City, a great son of Southern Kaduna in whom there is no guile, Mr Audu Maikori. The piece is an apology to all those who read an information he gave earlier in connection with the Southern Kaduna killings which he later found to be inaccurate. He apologised even to the Governor for any embarrassment it might have caused. I wanted to get angry at him for doing so – and I will tell you why – but as a Christian and patriot I looked at it again and I almost reduced to tears considering what a noble act it was. This world would be a far better place than it now is if we were to have the kind of humility that propelled him to do what he did, even at the risk of humiliating himself. He has taken responsibility for his actions and has remained committed to the cause of justice for humanity. What he has done is the typical Southern Kaduna character. We pursue peace with all men, even at great personal cost but it is suicidal to mistake our retraction for cowardice or submission.

Now why was I initially angry? I was angry because I recalled the many false tweets by the then Mallam Nadir El-Rufa’i on twitter for which he never apologized. I recalled the false claim that the PDP spent over 60 billion (or so) in the celebration of the Independence Day from 2011 to 2015 under the Jonathan Administration which was later found to be arrant mischief as the total during the period stood at less than 2 billion naira. The man who made the false claim who happened to be the Governor of Kaduna State never apologized for it.

In the light of the above, the action of Audu Maikori only serves to remind us that whatever we are doing, we must never make a butchery of our consciences. It is also a great lesson in humility and we all must learn to be humble enough to apologize for wrongs, errors, misinformation, that could cause others pain or mislead the public. Today our nation’s political space is super saturated with propaganda. You don’t know what to believe. You are told one story today and tomorrow it turns out to be lie but no one ever apologizes for it. Nowhere are these lies more frequent than from government officials and representatives of the people. In this era of the fever of lies, we need the Maikori quinine to counteract the malaria of propaganda.


By Emmanuel J Zakka

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