NOVEMBER 5, 2014

By John Danfulani

In African folklore,devils are categorised into: white, black, and red. All narrations associated with encounters between men these spirits holds that; red devils were the most wicked cluster. They lack compassion and always inflicts maximum punishment on those that crossed their path. The least punishment is to make one mad. Malam El-rufai has a red devil as the head of his 2015 project. Who is he? Alh. Suleiman Othman Hunkuyi a younger brother to Bashir Othman, El-rufai’s business associate . Their union procreated a tag team of black and red devils. Thus, the lethal nature of this combine forces of darkness can better be imagined.

The Head Boy( grand Prefect) of El-rufai platoon and his political vandals of Mongolian height is a certified “depampee or decamper”. He switches parties and allegiance like switching on and off of an electric bulb. He changes decisions and parties more frequent than women changing their sanitary pad during menstruation( hey ladies don’t crucify me. Just a small example) . Look at this sequels: In 1999 he started as a PDP Man. By 2003 he went to ANPP. After just one year and a half i.e. 2005, he went back to PDP. Apart from shuttling parties, he changes alliances, many times that only a native authority trained statistician can breast up to the uphill task of keeping an incontestable update.

Today El-rufai’s group are executing a script he hemmed under the pretext that he is a master strategists( their version of Paul Begela and James Caville). Poor them because a serial loser can’t be a master strategists. He is akin to a general who wobbles his army, meaning advancing when it’s time to retreat, and vice vasa. In 2003 he saw how Makarfi was popular but resigned his commisionership and challenged his master. It ended a great misadventure. In 2007, he also saw grand masters like Balat and Namadi in the ring “jabbing uppercuts” in a heavyweights match. A welterweighter like Hunkuyi went in but was carried out on stretcher. In 2011 the sentiment was high for Yakowa, still he contested with Yakowa and ran out of the venue after two LGAS balloted. While election was on, he started addressing the press and finally went to court. He lost within two sittings.

After losing the primaries he dragged his blind followers back to Yakowa’s camp,and campaigned for Yakowa under an arrangement of getting some positions to his supporters. He went back in the darkest hour of the night and monetised all and relocated to Abuja. Yet, he kept castigating Yakowa for reneging from promises, talks that made him look like a king walking down the street with an unseen dress he was made to believe only the gifted sees.

This is a guy they are parading today and even boasting that with him, El-rufai will pick his party primaries. A game changer, so they want us to believe. How can a man morally indicted for changing parties and cutting secret deals lead, and you expect anything good? Hunkuyi has his allies in Southern Kaduna who are also arm-chair politicians in some closes here spewing balderdash and hallucinating like young graduates dreaming of a successful career in oil and gas sub-sector. These are the people that successfully recruited young tusks who before now were progressives fighting every principle El-rufai stands for. Ideological flip floppers or victims of Romnesia? Both, of course.

Young conscripted “boys” are today spoiling for a heavyweights fight, a clear nihilistic and fatalistic adventure. Since we are fighting their masters, we can’t come down and engage them. What for? May be in another world. Their direct and indirect ultimatum didn’t and will never give us sleepless night, but provided and still providing comic relief. When we read such ignorant arrogance comically displayed, we regretted the time career Hollywood comedians are wasting here with us. They got untapped talents they must not waste it with. Young recruiters must head to the nearest U.S. Embassies for visas. We want to see Southern Kaduna Eddie Murphy and Bill Cosby in Hollywood, soon. Nice counsel, I guess. However, it attracts no consulting fee from me.

Hey baby red devils, I can see you are working so hard to acquire the knowhow of evil from Hunkuyi and El-rufai. Don’t forget that those riding on tiger’s back ends in its belly. Finally, those willing to go far in politics don’t start by wearing T-Shirts and P-caps and busing around like unschooled thugs struggling to catch the political drift for their daily bread.

NOTE: Elders I hold in high esteem said ” stop it boy”. I must obey them by ending my series. But if occasion demands or invited to fight, I shall come back with the determination of a bull.

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