NOVEMBER 5, 2014

By John Danfulani

Nasir Ahmed El-rufai’s panjandrumic and fanatical apologists are trying to bamboozle and dazzle us with his record in FCT as a launching pad to Sir Kashim Ibrahim House in 2015. Consciously or otherwise, they are ignoring or want us to ignore the fact surrounding the operating environment and constitutional duties of a Governor and FCT minister. No solomonic wisdom is required to know that they are two different cattle of fish.

As FCT Minister, El-rufai was covered by almighty federal resources and powers. Every structure sited in Abuja- including the Villa was under his care. Thus, he was a sole administrator of a city that operated with federal resources which constituted over 60% of the total federal earning. By this, El-rufai ran a one man show without the most important arm of government i.e. the lawmaking branch. He never presented budget(s) to any house like a governor in his entire four years as minister. His only team mates were head of departments, who are civil servants that acts on orders of the awesome Bretton Woods giant without questioning. Who dares the Furer? Facist and Nazist maxims reincarnated!

It is much easier to govern in an FCT setting than a state where there are three arms of governments checking and balancing activities of others. Can the El-rufai that we read and heard allegations of refusing to obey court orders cope with a different arrangement? Can he accepts amendments or rejection of his budget proposal by the house? Imperialist and their agents don’t permit perusal of their actions no matter how lethalistic they are.

What is more, Kaduna State is a volatile clime because of contradictory international, regional and state interests. Because of this, leaders acts gently and often times sacrificed legality on the altar of peace because peace is priceless . The El-rufai we know is an extremist who will insist on legality, idealness , and reading of the situation in his idiosyncratic and solipsist prism, even if Kaduna will burn like Hiroshima and Nagasaki. So, the Kaduna we know needs a formless, affable, gentleman and flexible leader that will compromise where necessary and stand his ground whenever the situation is normal. Knowing his anticedence can he do that? Hell No. He is always a moving train crushing everything that stands it’s way. Hurricane Nasir, right?
By the way, what happened to discriminatory and wicked policies of revoking land titles and re-awarding same to kids and friends in the last day in office? That can happen in Abuja, but that cant happen in Kaduna without creating a fracas. Can Kaduna State stand this? I don’t think so. Churches can be pull down in Abuja, but relocating a corner shop in Kaduna can spark mayhem. Since there is a Katsina connection or blood in him, am afraid if he wouldn’t find fault in Gonin Gora layout and yield to the request of Emir of Katsina that Gonin Gora be dismantled. The man can do that without minding the consequences.
Kaduna needs a wise, humble and gentleman as Governor…. the mythological razzmatazz and shananigan of the philosophy of a “developer” is laughable because his style of governance will breeds anarchy. And development can’t take place in an atmosphere of confusion and anomie.
There was a bomblast in Kaduna. All those travelling from Abuja to Kaduna beware. There was no similar warning to those travelling from Zaria to Kaduna.

NOTE: See You For Season Four

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