NOVEMBER 4, 2014

By John Danfulani

There has been a desperate move by Malam El-rufai’s sharpshooters and mudslingers to run a Goebbelian and Hitleristic height propaganda of calumny against Hon. Mohammed Isa Ashiru Kudan ( Dan Bai Zazzau) that he is a PDP mole in APC. In the process of scripting their phantomistic cum bunkun balderdash, they threw facts and logic to the dogs because they thought we are eggheads whose IQs are woeful and memory less than that of Oweanian Benjamin The Donkey. Their junkish and convuluted tantrums confirmed that, they are victims of a terrible illness callled “ROMNESIA”. Many thanks to the political laboratory of the Skinny Boy with the funny name callled Barak Obama for that great discovery. Let me cure them with OBAMACARE.

  1. APC is a confluence of parties and groups( including PDP). PDP elements joined the family officially with 5 Executive Governors and dozens of Lawmakers( at the State and Federal levels).
  2. Hon. Isa Ashiru was part of the PDP branch that moved to APC from adam. His defection letter was tabled to the house and covered by all national dailies.
  3. By this, Ashiru is like Kwankwaso, Wamako, Amaechi, and Nyako. And to the best of my knowledge, since joining the party as a collective, i have not seen or read anything that shows that, they are PDP moles but rugged footsoldiers of APC. If there isnt any fear about that cream, why singled out Ashiru?
  4. Was El-rufai a PDP member or not? He was. Makama Rigachikun told me that he registered him in Ungwan Sarki ward one night of 2003 to enable him appear for ministerial screening. His memoir also attest to the fact that he was PDP and even played a leading role that sold Yar’Adua to us.
  5. It is incontrovertible that both El-rufai and Ashiru were PDP members. The difference is the entry and exit dates and the reason behind their joining and leaving .Then, how does ones entry and exit made him a PDP mole?


El-rufai left PDP because personal agreemetns reached with Yar’Adua were not honoured. And ran to self inposed exile. On returning after the death of Yar’Adua, he was still a PDP member and even told Gen. Buhari to sink his dream of winning any election in Nigeria. When the secret deal with Goodluck failed, he withdrew his support for Goodluck and resigned his membership of PDP. Where did he go thereafter? To Buhari, man he clearly told us was unelectable. From sequence of events, it was clear he left because of his eviction from the loop.
Ashiru’s case is different. He left PDP while in power and still chairing or deputising one of the most powerful committees in the house. There is quite a difference between leaving a ruling party to the oposition because you arent okay with affairs and leaving because you were sidelined. Logic tells that Ashiru is the real man not a man who ran away because of lack of patronage.

In their wishy washy analogy, they tried linking Ashiru with Makarfi;linking Makarfi to Namadi; and Namadi to Yero. Let me ask: was Hunkuyi, Mikaih, Ali Wakili and many of El-rufai’s men not Makarfi’s boys? Who is more Makarfi than Hinkuyi and Mikhaih Takwak? That aside, apart from Makarfi’s sin of not handing over power to a Southern Kaduna man in 2007, what case do we have against Makarfi? He delivered more than any Governor in the history of the state. So, how is linking him with Ashiru making any sense?

From 1999 to date, Ashiru has won all elections he contested . He was 8yrs in Kaduna State House of Assembly and now rounding some 8yrs in House of Representatives. By this, he is master of the game. During these periods, he defeated Hunkuyi’s candidates over and over again.

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