NOVEMBER 4, 2014

By John Danfulani

Malam El-rufai is a die-hard Smithain and Ricardian disciple. His headship of Bureau of Public Enterprise (BPE) is a testimony. While the imperial Czar of BPE, he basterdised our common heritage through mortgaging public enterprises to foreign and local comprados.

So far, no single public enterprise sold is performing beyond its production capacity at the time it was given to cronnies. Most of the deals, went terrible to the level that Nigerians lost a large fortune. Nitel ,AP, and Nicon went comatose and are yet to recover till this moment.

In areas they permitted private entrepreneurs to participate(demonopolized) , they made Nigerians pay world’s highest tariffs. The cost of phoning for one minutes in Nigeria is higher than any country in Africa despite the largeness of the market. When Nigerians complained, he justified that by the licenses fees they paid. That also holds for cable networks like DSTV etc. In South Africa, you pay DSTV by hours or usage not days like here.
During his membership of Obj’s economic team, Nigeria serviced foreign debts of 12b USD in two cheques within a time frame of six months. In the history of lenders club right from Marshal Plan after the Second World War, no nation ever service debts in that magnitude. Surprisingly, at the time they paid such debts, the debt management office is still arguing on the authenticity of most of the debts. U.S.A is the world most richest and indebted nation, but never service debts in such a huge manner. At some point, a scandal broke out about 1% service charge that Paris Club denied having such in their payment methods. They shared the 1% amongst themselves, a cream of wise thieves. What a fake bail out scheme of Western agent who are mostly demographers and surveyors but not political economists.

When they got money from various under-the-table means, they used their agent at the head of the capital market and inflated prices of share and quickly sank their loot there. They manipulated the system through CBN for long. After they left and CBN governor changed, everything including the banks they said they consolidated collapsed. Many of their CEO agents ran out of the country and those napped jailed.

He so hated the middle class and the poor to the level that he believes government should surrender critical welfare sectors like health and education to private individuals . For example, he privatised Garki Hospital as well as the national hospital. These hospitals provides excellent services to the poor, but because he doesn’t believe in them, he sold them out.

In America, their types are called WALL STREET dogs. They hated those on the mainstreet i.e. poor. Because of limited knowledge of political economy, they delved into imperialistic exploitative policies just because they want Times Magazine to include their names in World men of the year. Or get Rhodes, Harvard or some other imperialist scholarships meant for ex-public servants that sold their countries to them. Soludo made the Africa banker of the year. But was he not practising fake policies and covering fraudsters? Ribadu made it too. But didn’t he introduced Plea bargain that made them share loot with looters and removed Yar’adua’s name from the list of corrupt Governors because Gen. Gusau told him so?

Were all these not PDP and anti-peoples capitalist policies El-rufai implemented without minding their boomeranging effect on the poor man. With these avalanche of evidences, who today is a PDP mole in APC? APC is populist in nature, and PDP is capitalist in principle and practice. Therefore, who is a mole? Between Ashiru and El-rufai, who has destroyed and sold this nation to foreigners and friends? How has been reckless and arrogant with power like we are in a feudal setting without term limit?
We surely don’t want a Western and Arabs agent close to us. We want a governor that believes that it is better to be in it together ,than the one that believes each is on his own.
NOTE: See you tomorrow for another season.

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