On Hate Speech


John Danfulani,Ph.D

[email protected]

In January 2016 a political conclave called STATE SECURITY COUNCIL  chaired by Mr. El-rufa’i resolved to square-off with hate speech makers. The full import of the resolution is, enough is enough- no more denigrative statement against other people’s race,religion, sexual orientation and political views. However, January 2016 resolution was defective in many aspects. First, there was no definition of the phrase “hate speech”.  Two, nobody was charged with the onerous task of defining what constitutes “hate speech” in Kaduna State.

I have read proceedings and communiques of conferences organized by  United Nations on “hate speech”, non came out with a working definition. If experts assembled by an intergovernmental organization like United Nations couldn’t agree on what should be “hate speech”, is it El-rufa’i and his ramshackle and intellectually wettish media  propagandists that will define “hate speech”for us here? How intellectually sound and morally upright are they, in the first place? How can a battalion of semi illiterates that takes decision from the desire of their heart not the brain define “hate speech” for us?

Lest they forget ,defining such a controversial phrase isn’t easy like selling government properties under privatization programme. It’s also not easy like demolishing structures under a three weeks notice.It isn’t easy like disbanding VIO,closing government house clinic, or embarking on multilayered screening of staffers.

We know ,and he knows we know, that the resolution is to seal the lips of dissidents fighting his unpopular and anti peoples policies in Kaduna State. He hates freedoms given by our 1999 constitution(as amended) and other global charters on peoples’ rights . Unfortunately for him , we shall never cave in to intimidation of some small absolutists that were accidentally given a mandate. We shall see to the end of this matter, no matter how long the struggle will take.

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