Occupy Aso Rock. By George Makeri

By George Makeri

Just some two days ago, the president’s fulani kinsmen burned churches and massacred people in Enugu: the Daura-led DSS (that reported killing of six fulani herdsmen in Abia) didn’t see anything and didn’t say anything concerning these atrocities. The police that excused the killing of defenceless civilians on the premises of cattle rustling are yet to excuse these killings.

These Fulanis massacred whole communities in Agatu, but nobody called for the occupation of national assembly. Again Fulani killed a pastor, kidnapped a priest and massacred persons in Rivers, yet nobody occupied national assembly. The president, as minister of petroleum, left chronic and sustained fuel scarcity, yet nobody asked him to resign or lead people to occupy Aso Rock. The president deployed the military to kill pipeline vandals, but set to import grass from Brazil at an exorbitant rate and to also seize lands of natives in the 36 states of the federation for his fulani serial mass murderers, yet nobody calls for the occupation of Aso Rock. The president criticised political killings in Rivers during the re-run election, but said nothing about his Fulani killings of Nigerian citizens while they were quietly sleeping at night. Still nobody spoke about occupying Aso Rock nor queried the president for not measuring up to his primary responsibility of protection of lives and properties of every Nigerian, irrespective of their ethnic or religious affiliation. What matters most to those clamouring for occupy national assembly is political office (Saraki’s office) and not the lives, properties and welfare of Nigerians. This clearly tells that those championing the Nazi-like occupation of national assembly have lost their humanity. Most hurting is the army of simpletons who are sheepishly buying into such beastly design. May I never have anything to do with any animal that is so fixated in political office as a result of the designs of some diabolic and unscrupulous elements than protesting the deadly and treasonable corruption of Mr. President for choosing not to see the attrocities daily committed by his kinsmen.

If Mr. President is not sure what to do with his kinsmen, declaring them enemies of the state is a fine start. In Iraq, Christians in Mosul are armed and paid by government to repel ISIS terrorists. Mr. President can use the money earmarked to import grass from Brazil, to arm and pay folks against his rampaging Fulanis. In America, Goverment had to legalise the use of arms for everyday ordinary citizens when Robbers were having a field day. Government can also legalise the use of arms against Fulani murderers.

If Fulanis can carry guns in protection against their cows, farmers too should carry guns in protection against their farm. If fulanis’ cows are Fulanis’ only source of livelihood, farmers’ farms are farmers’ only source of livelihood too. If Mr. President belongs to nobody and belongs to everybody, he will consider the farmers in the same light he is considering the fulanis. If he considers the Fulanis at the expense of farmers, that then means that Mr. President is a liar and never to be trusted because he is showing that he belongs to somebody (the fulanis) against his speech of belonging to none and belonging to all. Given the above, Mr. President needs to tender his resignation for breech of trust, for he has proven, beyond reasonable doubt, that he is incapable of given justice to one and all and incapable of upholding his primary responsibility of defending the constitution of the federal Republic of Nigeria. He has failed in his primary assignment of preservation of lives and properties of citizens.

By George Makeri   

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