New Agwatyap receives staff of office

By Israel Bulus, Kaduna

Another history has been made in Atyap land as dignitaries from all walks of life on Saturday converged on Zangon Kataf for the coronation of one of their son as the newly Agwatyap, HRH Mr Dominic Gambo Yahaya.
Speaking at the occasion, Kaduna State Governor, Malam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai, urged the new Agwatyap and other traditional institutions in the state to uphold peace and security in their chiefdoms.
While presenting the staff of office to the new Agwatyap, el-Rufai urged the traditional rulers to take ownership of the drive for security and ensure unity amongst the diverse ethnic groups in their domains.
He said without peace and harmony, there cannot be progress and development.
Agwatyap is a first class Chief of Atyap people in Southern part of Kaduna State, a chiefdom which cuts across many ethnic groups. While congratulating the Agwatyap, el-Rufai implored him to sustain
the bridge-building legacy of the late Agwatyap, Dr. Harrison Yusuf Bungon. The governor asked for a united response to those promoting violence and division.

According to the Governor, “our state needs everyone in formal and informal positions of leadership to speak up for and to uphold a common humanity,” El-Rufai said, noting that “too many merchants of hate and division menace our land. They seek to have their bread buttered by the suffering and destruction that violence brings. They promote a persistent victim mentality, pushing a narrative that relegates and diminishes people and inclines them to base conduct.

“They package ordinary people into the mistaken and dangerous belief that the dice is always loaded against them because of religion and region, thereby fuelling a baseless sense of rage and hate. When and
wherever violence wreaks havoc to live and limb, they see opportunity to feather their nests, rather than embrace their responsibility to work to ensure everyone’s right to life, movement and residence is
respected.” El-Rufai reaffirmed the commitment of the government to security and peace building not only in Southern Kaduna, but in every part of the state.

He disclosed that the government is exploring various avenues to secure peace, from supporting the security forces to promoting community engagements. While observing that security efforts and intelligence gathering must improve, the Governor said that peace is sustained ultimately by people’s willingness to live in harmony. “We must all soberly acknowledge that the ultimate guarantee of peace is the willingness of people to live together in harmony and mutual respect,” he explained.

The Governor warned against a resort to self-help and the pursuit of vendettas and reprisals, saying that such conduct can only produce destruction. “Whatever the grievances may be, the appropriate conduct is to report to the law enforcement agencies. We have been disappointed to hear people who should know better issuing irresponsible calls for self-help. This must stop! We intend to vigorously prosecute them to encourage compliance with our appeal.”

Source : Elanza News

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