The need to be self employ as an individual-Philip A. Tachio

By Marok Nuhu Haruna
Unemployment has become a serious challenge to the society as a whole, the need to be self employ should not be over emphasize as Philip A. Tachio the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) of Philip’s Event Management Vocational Training School in Kaduna, has come up with a training center where people can be self empowered, in order to give out to the society on what they acquire in their vocational training.Read on:

Question: May I meet you Sir?
My name is Philip A Tachio the Chief Executive Officer, (C.E.O) Philip’s Event Management Vocational Training School, located at Barnawa Post Office Kaduna.
Question: Can you tell us what you do in your your vocational school?
Yes, I m actually training people, and not only youths I trained even older people those who have the interest to go into event management and some vocations and this is a very good thing because the situation we have found our self in, presently in Nigeria it is such that one need to really acquire something to be independent and be able to have something to put in his table. So, we actually train people of different languages and different religion to become great in event management and catering courses and the courses are as follows; we have bit making of different items, we have F and B production beverages production where we learn how to produce local food and continental dishes and different beverages too. We have X and B service where we teach students different ways to serve various service and procedures on how to set their table and cutleries and table manners .
Then, we have event management and procedures where we learn about event management , types of event and how to handle event and we also teach how to dicorrect an event. We have cake production because we discover that allot of caterers have limitation to cake and they don’t go to real constructional cakes and we focus on that so that our students will know how to do it and be strong been vibrant in cake production and the construction. So this are some of the courses we offer and teach our students.

Philip’s Event Management Vocational Training School
Philip’s Event Management Vocational Training School

Question: Sir, can we talk about funding, how do u get your fund to run this training since is a one man business?

Yes, funding actually have been a very difficult thing the starting has been such a tough start but you know I really have to take the step because I believe in the feature. I have worked with people like NIness Suite Abuja, I have worked with Alpha Catering School as a catering teacher and I also work with Labey Catering Institute as a catering teacher and all a long I discover that I have been putting too much into other’s people business and I felt it was time for me to begin to build myself and also build other people so that I can have that time to do that thing I always want to do to reach out to other people in the society must especially the less-privilege. So it has not been easy but with God on my side at least things are moving well.

Phil event Decoration
Phil event Decoration

Question; What are your challenges ?
Yes, funding is always number one key challenge because for now, I have the mind to increase the capacity by introducing new department like shoe making, Fashion design department but that is not possible because of funding and like you rightly said earlier in this discussion that we are operating as a one man business and I teach almost all the courses accept bit making and the reason for that is for me to give out that thing in me to people that also have the same mind set in getting to trained must especially our youths couple with the present situation in our society the issue of unemployment is in the increased so we help out even to some of the widows who have the interest but does not have the money to enrol into the program at times we place them on scholarship and we take responsibilities. So it has not been easy even paying rents couple with the number of students we have.

Question; Sir, what is your last word to people out there that are yet to decide on what they will learn to earn a living?

Wedding event Decoration
Wedding event Decoration

Seriously catering business is a very good business to venture into as an individual one thing we must realized is that every human being must eat to survive and even though there are funerals people cook to eat. So this is a very important industry that must strive at any day and every point in time. My encouragement to people out there is to really get themselves involve in one thing or the other to acquire a skill especially in the catering aspect it is something that will help them in the feature I encourage the youths to embrace this opportunity and get the best out of themselves no matter your qualification it does not matter all you need is to decide within your self on what you want to do with your life. In case you want to apply in any of our courses or training, our office is located at the premises of the Barnawa Post Office you can reach me on 08062356357 or through our facebook page phils event and vocational school. Thank you and God bless you.

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