NASS Members Calls For Eviction Of Insurgents In Southern Kaduna, Denounce Online Letter

Members of the National Assembly from the Southern part of Kaduna State have called for immediate eviction of insurgents from its communities.

According to the members in a joined press conference, despite of wanton killings on innocent constituents, a group of person have taken to propaganda with an online letter aimed at changing the narratives.

To this end, the NASS members said insurgents be evicted from southern kaduna communities they now forcefully occupy.

In a statement issued today, the members said: “Our people who have been sacked from their communities be restored back to their homelands immediately.

“we condemn and denounce in totality all the senseless killings and destructions that have been going on in Southern Kaduna. The Kaduna State and Federal Government of Nigeria should implement all the resolutions of the National Assembly as it concerns the crisis/insecurity in Southern Kaduna.”

“That all leaders all levels and in all spectrum should stop making inciting statements on the issue as such is capable of worsening the already volatile situation. That all our constituents should be law abiding. That concerted efforts be made to achieve genuine peace and reconciliation in Southern Kaduna.”

Read part of the full statement


The attention of the members of the National Assembly of Federal republic of Nigerian from Southern Kaduna has been drawn to an anonymous online letter which seeks to give a wrong false and misleading account of the unfortunate happenings/events in Southern Kaduna to the effect that the insecurity is generated by Christian against Muslims. The said write up besides being false and tendentious seeks to divert attention from the real issues at stake.

All of us (members of the National Assembly from Southern Kaduna) were elected by majority of lawful votes by people of all religious and tribal divides in our various constituencies. We therefore represent all persons in our various constituencies.

As leaders we denounce and condemn all forms and manner of violence in our constituencies and elsewhere perpetrated by any person or group of persons.

We therefore condemn unequivocally all attacks by whosoever in our various constituencies as such activities are unlawful, unjustifiable and are breaching the peace hitherto enjoyed in our constituencies.

While we are making frantic efforts for peace in Southern Kaduna we are disturbed by the deliberate attempt to distort the facts and hence the need for this press statement.

Indeed our people have lived in peace for a long period with our brothers-Hausas and Fulani in Southern Kaduna whihfact the anonymous write-up admits. Besides this every other narration in the said publication is based on falsehood and mischief intended to create disaffection and anarchy in Southern Kaduna. As representatives of our people we will never shy away from providing the quality representation for which we were elected both in words and in deeds.

We make bold to state that what has been playing out in Southern Kaduna is that local and normal interrelationship disputes that could be settled through normal procedures are usually exploited to achieve predetermined goals. Invaders and mercenaries are usually recruited to invade our communities in the guise of settling scores. This is mind boggling. We consider it as genocide by subterfuge. We represent all persons in our constituencies and have continuously advocated for peace to reign in our communities as no society can develop in an atmosphere of chaos or anarchy.

Our people have never moved from their immediate communities to forment trouble elsewhere, but what we have been witnessing is the influx of insurgents into our communities. As at no over twenty communities in Southern Kaduna have been completely sacked by the marauders and are now being occupied by the invaders and all attempts by our people to return to such communities are being resisted as some people have been killed in such attempts. Can it therefore be said that these invasions/attacks by these marauders/bandits are to seize our lands? This appears to be reasonable conclusion. With this scenario of communities being sacked and occupied by invaders, how can anyone say that our people are the aggressors?This is putting logic on its head and this is what the author of the letter in issue wants the world to believe.

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