Nasir El-Rufai And The Southern Kaduna Killing Politics

By George Onmonya Daniel

Immediately Governor Nasir El-Rufai was sworn in, he declared war against Cattle Rustlers. It was total war. A lot was achieved within one year of his administration if fighting these cattle thieves, he gave it his all. Quite commendable isn’t it?

But the issues of incessant attacks by Fulani marauders on the Southern Kaduna communities was given less attention and the massacre never really stopped. I am aware some committee was set up headed by General Martin Luther Agwai, but after that business went on as usual.

Do we value human lives in this country? We seem to value cows more than human beings. We have allowed some people to keep on committing mass murders and get way easily with it, just because the people being killed are mostly poor rural dwellers and minorities too.

Governor Nasir El-Rufai has finally gone to Kaduna South after another spate of violence talking tough. I hope it will be followed by action. If Nasir El-Rufai had followed up this case the way he followed the case of cattle rustling, we would have gone far by now.

That the Nigerian government would allow mass killing go on in this nation and not do much about it all these times shows how dirty our politics in this country is.


By George Onmonya Daniel


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