My sleepless night. By Steven Kefason


Steven Kefason

I had a sleepless night thinking about the Grazing Reserve Bill and it consequences on our continual existence as a corporate entity. After carefully perusing the soft copy of the bill sent to me by a friend in the struggle, the following questions sprung up in my mind:

Could it be that President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration is using the grazing reserve to reward the Fulani militias for all the atrocities they’ve committed across the nation?

The bill did not mentioned how the government intend to recover all sophisticated weapons at the disposal of  fulanis.

Come to think of it, is it not funny that after the fulanis attacked and killed innocent  masses across the nation over the years, the government is now enacting a law that will forcefully collect lands belonging to victims and hand over to the fulanis?

A portion of the bill that got me bitterly worried is No. 8 which states that lands under the grazing reserves shall be free from improvement, hunting, cutting down of trees,  bush burning etc, this simply means that if your land is considered fertile for the grazing reserve, you seize to have any right whatsoever on the land.

This is wickedness and madness of the highest order.

Steven Kefason

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