Mr. President’s ascension to the throne of power


Didam Musa Godwin

Prior to Mr. President’s ascension to the throne of power, Nigeria was in a state of relative anarchy. Corruption , nepotism and other political stuffs were the hallmark of our polity. Many Nigerians were tired of the Jonathanian regime due to its many ills, immigration scam, embezzlement, terrorism among others convinced the people that the erstwhile regime was not for the interest of the masses and the best thing to do was to retire the regime and seek ways to bring to power, a more competent leader that would clean up the mess and hit the ground running, in our search for this impeccable leader with an unquestionable character, Nigerians found president Buhari.

The power and forces that laid the foundation for the emergence of PMB were men with questionable characters, they are men that almost drowned their people in the destructive waters of calamity, in spite of this, Nigerians still went ahead to elect president Buhari, they were not concerned about the people that brought him to power, what they needed at that time was nothing other than a change of a party and a leader, and a change from a perpetual state of insecurity to a state of happiness and good life.

Some critics of the new existing order, thought that destructive criticisms would solve the current problems we are facing, they criticise without proffering solutions to the problems, all they know how to do best is to keep wailing sinister prophesies of coming catastrophes that would befall the country. That isn’t the way forward because should this country be plagued by the sinister prophesies of these myopic critics , they too will suffer it. Now , that’s for the critics.

The APC , before the general election, succeeded in conjuring such a large number of supporters and loyalists through their propaganda and political programmes designed to win the sympathy of the people, now that they have conjured up such a gigantic loyalists, they are now like the sorcerer who is no longer able to control the powers of the neither world whom he has called up with his spell because the same large number of supporters that have voted are now becoming a needle in Mr President’s artery. We can hear them crying out loud and renouncing the party. My advice for the president is for him to take responsibility and map out strategies and measures on how to curb this disastrous calamity and hardship that the people are witnessing.

Didam Musa Godwin

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