John Danfulani, Ph.D
[email protected]

Kaduna State Government advertised its intention of privatization laboratories, X-ray and Pharmacy departments of the State owned hospitals. Technically speaking, the services the state government is willing to render free to its poor and ” wretch of the earth” citizens is consultation from doctors.When this policy comes to full force, patients will be exposed to exploitative practices of private investors whose chief interest is maximization of profit- nothing more, nothing less.

Before this, Mr. El-rufa’i waved the white handkerchief on government’s procurement and subsidizing of fertilizers, improved seedlings, herbicides and insecticides. Because of his inhuman surrender and removal of subsidy, today farmers are buying fertilizers and other products at the most exorbitant prices. Before 29th May 2015 no LGA got less than 80 trailers of assorted fertilizers and the highest price was N3500. This year (2016), no LGA has taken delivery of more than a dozen trucks from the official private suppliers he engaged, and the official price is N6000. The law of demand and supply has hiked prices of fertilizers to N10000 in the state.

A walk through pages 7-8 and 18-19 of his 2015-2019 manifesto he campaigned and got our mandate from, promised to improve primary and secondary healthcare delivery system and revolutionarize agriculture. Nothing of these capitalists and primitive accumulation policies was promised. By the way, policies discussed herein can only deteriorate the already bad situation to worse. This is a clear paragon of stabbing the mandate givers in the back.

Doubting Thomases can now accept my assertion that Mr. El-rufa’i is incapable of loving the poor who were victims of a 2015 political witchcraft that swept across Nigeria called change. So far, non of his policies has shown otherwise. Is there any? If you can spot one, please tell us. Just look at these actions: marathon staff verification; demolition of structures; and non-payment of retirement benefits to people he retired without adhering to laid down rules of disengaging civil servant’s from work. Which of these saddistic decisions and action has a drop of milk of kindness and humanity?

In the face of these, APC urchins,Mr. Governor’s appointees and imported South Western Nigerians so-called consultants are saying we should sing his praises or shut the hell up. We shall never praise these unethically actions nor seal our lips like American Thanksgiving Turkeys . We shall continue to flap our critical lips and engage our fingers on the keyboard until; undiscerning minds begin to discern, gullible minds become informed, and until his treachery and back stabbing of the poor is known to all and sundry. Forward ever, backward never! Soldiers of good governance and true democracy are on the move!

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