There isn’t second guessing that the chief tenant of Sir Kashim Ibrahim House has mobilized a column of cyber propagandist to turn the truth inside-out and outside-down.The professional quality of the recruits is terribly frail because they have demonstrated ineptitude in; knowing the nuances of the act, the slippery nature of the operational milieu,and the golden rule of the game.

These wet recruits were “conscripted” locally and nationally. The local dudes are renegade urchins of APC that cheaply mortgaged their souls to the hellish goddess of materialism and insatiable greed.The external warriors came from Lagos and other South Western enclaves of Nigeria .The premise of their engagement is, their thick social media traffic.

These propaganda nitwits have been on ground for a while.And guess, a large quantum of “our resources” had gone down in picking their bloated bills and servicing of loyalty. However,they have been trying unsuccessfully to fly the kite of their propaganda. Each time they launch, it ends like a failed long range missile test by King Jung-un of North Korea.

Let us look at a few instances where these propaganda cripples exhibited their professionalism dullness .A while ago,a cream of desperate,confused,vissionless baby propagandists learning to fly,displayed pictures of a three kilos graded road and a single block of classroom that only its corrugated zinc roof was blown-off and replaced with a green aluminum one. In our recent past,those were jobs of LGA ward counsellors(not even Chairmen). Consequently,when you display such pictures,as a sign of success,you must be telling us that the first class degree Governor has reduced his role to that of a counsellor.The pictures only shows the Governor’s cluelessness and unseriousness, and his propagandist’s naivety on the awesome powers and resouces bestowed on a Governor in Nigeria’s political setting. Nothing more, nothing less.

Still, in some updates you see poor student of Joseph Goebbels saying “16 wasted years of PDP”.One, those postulating such bunkum balderdash were members of PDP,even contested elections in PDP ,and got appointments within the period they tried to wettishly mock.Two,the same people are aware that their grand master spent 14 out of those 16 wasted years as a PDP operatives. He started as a BPE czar and ended as the minister of FCT.And when he returned from self imposed exile,he was a member of PDP reform committee. One is struggling to comprehend their sense of history and logic. Let them know, we have a long memory like Mr. Snake. And these events are too recent for us to forget.

Again, some of them often piqued; we are just two years in power.They forget or don’t know that,we saw what Makarfi, Namadi and Yakowa achieved in their first two years. One wonders, which point they often struggle to make by stating this.Their first two years are not only barren of development but were full of apocalyptic disasters. The crushing and burying of over 300 Shias in a mass grave in the night, and compensation of killers of Southern Kaduna people are enough disasters to seal their lips. This is not forgetting that Kaduna has become a haven of kidnappers. Must they be told that this isn’t a very sexy propaganda point to raise? Dumber and dumbest at work,right? Sure.

Furthermore, there is this position that their government isn’t that of distribution of money to politicians and the needy.Their predecessors “distributed money and even looted” ,yet they provided infrastructure and services to the satisfaction of majority of the people of Kaduna. Their regime “don’t give money nor loot”, yet there is nothing to show as an achievement. Who told them that we don’t like “benevolent thieves”? For the first time,Kaduna became the most dirty city in Nigeria. And a clime where government’s cluelessness of digging gutters without building them up is creating mini typhoons all over the town.

They often floor educational qualifications of their master. And assert that; he is a first class material. But they don’t know,we know, that the same first class material was withdrawn from the faculty of Law ABU Zaria , some years ago. The law degree he acquired(while in exile) from a second class lower. All aside,who can’t see the complete disconnect between his certificates and commonsense, compassion, and rational decision making ? Are they saying they don’t know that there is no bridge between his much faired education and native wisdom concomitant in all Africans? Funny enough,some of us even have certificates more than these benjamin the donkeys noising on his overrated intellectual barn. Hope am not sounding immodest, here.

Apart from their lack of professionalism in the art and science of propaganda,the master himself often throw spanners into their work. For e.g.on 6th April 2016 on channels Tv morning show SUNRISE DAILY he said; 1) Christians are 30% and Muslims 70% in Kaduna state; and 2) that a single LGA in Kaduna State has more gold than the entire gold in South Africa. NPC is in-charge of head count in Nigeria, and in their last count, religion wasn’t in the list of questions asked.How did he get that percentage? Pure lies from a pathological liar? A zillion thanks to Chief Olusagun Obasanjo for telling us who he is in his memoir “My Watch”. A London think tank has since debunked his gold claim. How can propagandist help in these matters? The master himself is a difficult persona to manage like President Donald John Trump of USA. They need their own version of Steve Bannon to keep going.

When the news of their master’s fraternity and compensation of killers of people of Southern Kaduna broke out on 3rd and 21st of December 2016,they started changing the narrative by postulating that late Yakowa pioneered the process. Heck,a raw lie from the pit of hell! Yakowa started the process and no one else knows except them? Is it because Yakowa has rejoined his ancestors in the great beyond ? When they realized that wasn’t selling and the moral burden thereof, they turned to Gen. Agwai’s committee. The General came out and cleared himself and called the one sided compensation partial. How can they take-off the noose of this monumental criminality on the neck of their master? Even Goebbels height propaganda cant cleanse this Kilimanjaro of mess. Who will hum this truth in their ears so that they can invest their time on something productive?

My advice to these desperate amateurs and baby propagandist is, they should simply get back to school and study the science and art of the game, very well. Nobody will give their brazen lies a ventilating space in the political atmosphere of Kaduna- now or build up to 2019. No way!

We have not even roll-up our sleeves or throw our hats in the propaganda ring,yet.I see us committing a propaganda holocaust on these spineless recruits.

Can somebody tell them, we are approaching the zero hour?

John Danfulani
Awon village
Kaduna State

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