I have learnt from a certain historic dude, that life can be summarised in three words – ‘It goes on’! But do you know that life cant go on without the suckers taking the fall for the greedily-wired? Actually, life is full of these two types – that’s the spice of life, that’s why we all must learn.

A student’s prerogative is to learn, learn and learn yet again. Are you a student? Are you learning? Learn with;


1. Experience is the best teacher alright, okay, thank you! But must you get run over by a truck to know your life is in jeopardy?

2. Hunger makes tasty meals, who needs a dessert?

3. If in two days into a swirling relationship you can’t spot the gain in that friendship, chances are that you are it. Bozo!!!

4. Some folks are so full of themselves, as if they fell from the skies. But, come to think of it, aren’t they really those folks living in those castles in the skies?

5. Money is not everything, but everything is money. Since you can’t have everything, then please have some money – you might get the illusion of having everything with money.


1. If you must eat, don’t talk. If you must talk, don’t eat. These are the principles guiding our governments – the best of governments I must say. Be happy with the ruling class, pray to get there and prepare to shut the hell up then.

2. Every woman gets the chance to fall in love at some point, but not every woman gets the right fool. And that’s the sucker punch!!!

3. Everyone is a potential thief, the ‘sainthood’ here, is the lack of opportunities to wear that pilfering garb. Until then, all crooks can raise the death!

4. Friends are often, always and likely to betray you, in fact they always do. So, your best friend will best betray you – keep a tap on your friends, you don’t want to take a dagger up your spine, do yah?

5. The dude with the fat and open wallet gets all the friends, girls, gossips, favours, compliments and all. The only one thing he never gets is the chance to harvest his sowings – humanly speaking that is, that is!


1. In the midst of plenty, the greedy perpetually lacks. Is there ever, enough to go round?

2. The more Intelligent and knowledgeable you appear, the more scorn and disdain you are likely to attract. Life is guided by fear (of your type) and greed (everyone wants it for themselves).

3. The moment you expect people to judge your case base on its merits, that moment you lose all sanity. Everyone is a fair judge of their case, please be the judge of you.

4. Always insist on looking at the meaning of the ‘FACTS’ presented and not the facts themselves. Because, most, sorry I meant to say, all FACTS are factually lies.

4. If you work till late, chances are that you will get paid early. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work smart, that pays earlier.

5. Don’t attempt to sit the truth on its head, it’s useless. I have seen people standing on their heads to view the truth – the truth is that hypnotising.


Everyone has a price, the problem is, most people don’t ever get their price. Ever wonder, why successful diplomacy is a balanced barter?

Am a student, am Tim Maiyaki and am learning everyday. Be a student of life, of a teacher and of history and learn like me.

Tim Maiyaki.

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