Let me speak now while I have voice

Let me speak as it seems others may have lost voice
Let me speak because in truth I have no choice
Let me speak because those we chose, chose not to speak up for us,
Clearly it’s in God we trust
Because no one will help us but us

Let us speak up for only we can help us
Let’s tell our stories
For they have changed the narrative
They’ve concocted a Molotov cocktail
Tales by moonlight
So much creativity that the truth took flight
But we will keep the true version in sight
Inspite of threats of arrests, jail and criminal Charges
It will be criminal if we don’t let our truth be told
I’d rather die poor, but still dignified and bold
Than be “free” ,rich yet jailed by the  trappings of wealth obtained by stealth

Let me speak for my voice is amplified
By the passion that burns like gas flares in the cage of my heart
By the sufferings of a hapless people
Who’s last line of defence is their cries , their voice
Surely they don’t have an option but this choice
Let me speak because I have so much things to say right now
It will be robbery to keep such treasures in the vault of my mouth
I must spew forth the truth
Who knows who will be inspired? The next Dora akinyuli? The next Christopher Kolade? Awolowo? Sardauna? Or Zik?
Either way we can advance and inspire the next clique

Let me speak because my time is here
And it will not last forever
As such I must be clever
What if this opportunity doesn’t ever come again- never?
Then I would be a clanging cymbal
A broken chime
An empty vessel of an era far gone,
An opportunity forgone

Let us speak up
Or forever hold our peace
or there will be no peace
Let’s speak up now
Lest our country , our people our freedom become deceased

Audu Maikori 25/2/2017

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