LESS WE FORGET(1) (Highlights Of Mr.El-rufa’i’s Claims On Channels TV)

John Danfulani,Ph.D
[email protected]

On 6th April 2016 Mr. El-rufa’i the imperial occupant of Sir Kashim Ibrahim House was a guest of Sunrise Daily of Channels Television. Because Mr. El-rufa’i is a very important personality(VIP), Channels TV staged the programme in former Headquarters of Northern Region. After introduction, the crew of three set the ball rolling with,without waste of time. Characteristically, Mr. El-rufa’i zoomed off, and spewed some of the most unfounded statements ever made by any public officer since knotting the southern and northern protectorates by the crown’s representative called Lord Fredrick Lugard in 1914.

We must not forget he said Plateau and Kaduna States have a mirror image situation, regarding the ratio Christians and Muslims in the two states. He put the ration at 70% for Muslims and 30% for Christians in his State. After his bombastic reckless claim, the State CAN secretary and SOKAPU Chair lambasted him in their separate rebuttals. Before the duos razor sharp reactions, hundreds of social commentators made thought provoking comments about it.

We must not forget, the only body responsible for head count is National Population Commission (NPC). And data they collected in their last head count don’t have a column that asked of people’s religion. If this is indisputable, who gave the Czar of Sir Kashim House that ratio or which source guided his statement? Since his claim is baseless, it must have a hidden intentions and must be communicating a coded message to Southern Kaduna people and Christians in general.

To me, the thin blue lines in between his/their claim are saying: he/they are even magnanimous in power sharing in the state; if he/they want to be wicked like Plateau State he/they wouldn’t even give Southern Kaduna people the position of Deputy Governor because 70% is enough to give him/them victory without a single vote from Christians in Kaduna State; and if you don’t show gratitude, he/they shall demonstrate that in 2019.

We must not forget, sometimes ago, his first disdain for Christianity was demonstrated in a retweet of a blasphemous update insinuating a more than meet the eye relationship between Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. We are beginning to see escalation of that hatred, now. More could be in his/their mischievous and heinous pipe!

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