Leadership, Not political party is our problem, By Ambrose Awugo


Reno Omokri Tweeted:As PMB goes on his 38th foreign trip to China today, he’s spent approximately 50 out of the 318 days he has been president outside Nigeria!.

Looking at the situation in Nigeria today, can we be bold to say that all these foreign trips of PMB are for the benefits of our dear country? It surprises me when I hear people say PMB is cleaning the mess of the previous regimes (particularly that of GEJ). Now listen:

APC was seen as the only political party that will provide a quality leadership for Nigeria, forgetting the fact that most of the APC members were at one point or the other PDP members who claimed they were aggrieved and left. My brother Engr Abeku Deri always uses a Hausa proverb that am in love with ” kadangare baya haifan kwado” meaning A lizard cannot give birth to a frog. This government to me has less concern for the people going by the current situation in Nigeria today.

Filling stations are now garages where people park their cars anticipating the arrival of PMS (which are not even coming), the rate of poverty is on the increase on a daily basis, kidnappings have increased, hardship and poverty as well as unemployment/youth restiveness is the order of the day.

GEJ’s regime was corrupt yet everything was moving smoothly, PMS was available everywhere, money was in circulation electricity was there, railway was one of his priority to ease transportation, education was not left out, civil servants welfare was another priority, the economy to the best of my knowledge was fair.
PMB is fighting corruption and seizing money, yet people are suffering than African Slaves during slave era! What a disappointment!

Ambrose Nuhu Awugo writes from Kaduna

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