Kaduna Will Be Great Again – 426

By George Makeri

I want to Thank Audu Maikori for the 90 billion naira lawsuit against the governor. May God continue to guide and keep Maikori for SK and Nigeria. I want to also say a big kudos to CEDRA for taking the challenge to sue the Government over the closure of KASU. God bless CEDRA. I wish CEDRA also look into the relocation of the school as well. However this is neither about CEDRA nor Audu Maikori.

Some one asked why I was yet to say something about SOKAPU youth wing and Shehu Sani scandal. Scandal? I couldn’t believe people could call a simple social interaction scandal? Phew! So sad how naive people can easily be, and it always beat me how some people couldn’t see through the smokescreens among which are:

1. To create suspicion among SOKAPU youth wing members and paralyse its resolve to fight unitedly and formidably.

2. To embarrass the Senator and force the Senator to make a statement that will expose his intention.

3. To halt the making of political alliances for the Senator so the Senator could eventually become politically isolated.

I didn’t want to talk about this issue because I feel it’s just too stupid, but when politically savvy people like Dr. John Danfulani, who were quietly observing the shenanigans had to step into the ring, I knew I had to respond to my interrogator. John knew it was foolery to speak about endorsement before declaration of intention, thus rendering the arguments of the El-Rufai media team null and void, and consequently, making the interrogation of Nasiru Jagaba on whether he collects money or not, endorse or not, by some southern Kaduna persons, completely useless.

Some people are of the opinion that the SOKAPU youth wing led by Jagaba should be more careful next time after the stables have been cleaned. Being careful is fine, but being careful because El-Rufai’s team threw a stupid propaganda is playing to the gallery and leaving El-Rufai the Victor. Nasiru Jagaba should defy El-Rufai some more by publicly consolidating his relationship with the Senator. If El-Rufai feels so disappointed with Jagaba, he should go climb Kufena mountains, jump and fall, but not to die. When El-Rufai forced Jagaba to resign and eventually picked and arraigned, Senator Shehu Sani was there. As a stand up guy, the Senator stood by Him. Now, you wonder what business has Jagaba with the Senator? I guess you have no idea what gratitude is.

Some of us must not be seen fighting a group of APC Street rebels, deliberately sent on us to distract us and dissipate our useful energy. We must concentrate on El-Rufai, and ignore the little irritating diversion. This is not about Nasiru and Shehu Sani too.

Now to the matter of the day: intelligence reaching me spoke of the resignation of one of our finest presenters, Jacqueline Adebija with Liberty FM. Earlier on, I got information that she was suspended without salary. Now she has been forced to resign. Let me say something here: Jacqueline, it was who always sought to balance views at Liberty, since we have an army of ready alleluia singers for government. She has hosted some of us severally on our critical views on government. I have personally been invited to Liberty TV severally, courtesy Jacqueline. She has a magnetic personality in the media world.

You will recall somewhere earlier last year, when Mannesah Istifanus and Jonah Pompo took to their heels on hearing that a Doctor John Danfulani has stormed the studio too in opposition to their position. In their flight, the duo blamed Adebija for setting them up, in not informing them on who they were up against. They got Adebija to publicly explained the modalities in invitation to a radio talk-show as well as the behind the scenes discussion where Mannesah pleaded to be left off the hook as Dr. John Danfulani knows alot. Adebija then expressed worry that Mannesah Istifanus was jeopardising her job with his bogus claims of a set-up, making her look partisan in favour of the opposition. But like I earlier stated, Adebija was simply avoiding what Chimamanda, will call the danger of a single story, to give Liberty FM a liberal and robust face, and not just the sycophantic faces of alleluia singers for government alone. Her presence at Liberty told alot of persons that Liberty is truly liberal. But with her forced resignation now, can we say same? How can you suspend a Jacqueline Adebija with no pay?

Jacqueline Adebija has joined the long list of persons victimised for speaking the truth. She has been victimised for being unbiased and against the unending massacres in Southern Kaduna. She refused to accept that such massacres are alright and her vocality on the matter has earned her a forced resignation. These massacres have continued for Chikun registered the latest herdsmen atrocities. Jacqueline has now joined a long list of southern Kaduna heroes, in the league of Dr. John Danfulani, Luka Binniyat, Nasiru Jagaba, Jeremiah Sunday, etc, even though she is not from Southern Kaduna.

Jeremiah Sunday is challenging his dismissal as a staff of the Federal College of Education Kafanchan; and his case comes up on 7th June 2017 at an Industrial court in Kano. Ahmadu Ayuba will be traveling from Katsina to be with him in Kano on that day. We hope he gives the government a bloody nose like Gloria Ballason did. Jeremiah Sunday’s victory is our collective victory too, thus we all have a moral responsibility to stand by Him to the very end. Yes, we can not all go to Kano, but we can support those who may wish to go but are indisposed. Many in Jeremiah’s shoes have resigned to fate and have been crying in silence, but Jeremiah has dared to be different by challenging his dismissal – he deserves our encouragement, for it is not his battle but ours, especially in the face of massive arbitrary sacks based on sadistic whims as perpetrated by government functionaries as punishment for people perceived to be anti-government.

From Dr. John to Jeremiah Sunday, and most recently, Jacqueline Adebija; you will find victims of expressing the truth in the face of oppression and unending massacres.

Ironically, this same government that sack its citizens for their right to expression, is disturbing the public on another white elephant project known as residency card. This is another wastage of public funds because the reasons advanced to uphold this project are powder-puff reasons – for the people’s welfare. Can you beat that? A government that glory in massive sacks, regardless of the multiplier effects on dependants, is now talking about welfare, because the project can ease siphoning of public funds for private use as usual. A government with a human face that cares about welfare, will not initiate move to expunge over 3000 workers in the traditional institutions on the premises of wastage. So the welfare that necessitated the residency card is not wastage huh? How hypocritical is their sympathy?

Viva Jacqueline Adebija
Viva Jeremiah Sunday

Your sacks are part of the Government efforts in making Kaduna great again, but by God in heaven, we will continue to resist these sick and sadistic pestilence over our land.


By George Makeri



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