Kaduna Will Be Great Again – 415: Bigotry and Inconsistency of Elrufai persist

Still in this exhausting and highly delicate business of making Kaduna great again. Why hasn’t El-Rufai congratulated the gallant soldiers for forestalling the planed Gwongland massacres when we saw how he congratulated these soldiers with the description ‘gallant’, when they stood idly by and watched Goska went up in flames from fulani terrorism Christmas eve 2016.

Talking about Goska Christmas massacres and Honourable Gideon Morik and his daughter came to mind. After the death of his daughter, the man buried her. Unfortunately, the same people who joined him to bury his daughter, returned, some weeks after, to bury the man with neither the deputy nor the governor in attendance. I guess the governor and deputy were attending to the great business of making Kaduna great again. Talking about Goska, and Mock Samuel Kure too comes to mind. On Saturday 26 March 2017, I read Mock Samuel Kure, who had been given the gates for mourning that his village Goska was attacked, trying to justify El-Rufai’s 30 page memo on the premises of consultation – that is, Buhari asked for it and got served. Perhaps Mock Kure is playing for a come back: I hope the devil in Kashim Ibrahim House finds a place in his heart to take back Mock Kure as Mock Kure’s life depends on such gesture. To this, I am a little bit pessimistic because the devil has no heart, not to mention finding a place therein to take back Mock Kure who was not heartless enough to watch his village go up in flames and still celebrate the soldiers for gallantry. Mock Kure was found casting aspersions on the army his governor was praising for gallantry. Mock messed up big time for holding unto a part of his heart in such a circle. He could have given a press release, praising the fulanis for being a no-nonsense, indefatigable, invincible and vengeful people and frowning against Goska victims for provoking the fulanis and warning survivors to learn to live in peace with the fulanis as peace is more beneficial than war. But Mock messed up to bewail soldiers’ passivity while his native home went up in flames. I sincerely sympathize with Mrs Elizabeth Hyat and all other immediate victims of the Goska massacres and other atrocities as we all are victims.

Back to the matter. Of course, El-Rufai could be consulted in a game of the devil premised on deception, confusion, embezzlement, anarchy, etc, because he was very successful on these fields. From the liquidation of Nitel when he was BPE chairman; the confiscation of properties of others and redistribution among family and friends, when he was FCT minister; the staging up of Bring Back our Girls Campaign, when he was in exile as a self-ordained terrorist minister and spokesman for terrorist herdsmen with the loan repayment speech as his hallmark achievement then, to the present genocide in southern Kaduna and massacre of shiites, he has been successful.

Since Buhari is more interested in the ways of the devil, he can actually consult El-Rufai for direction. The result is high cost of living, corruption and massacres of Christians in the middlebelt, southeast, southwest, southsouth, etc. These are what El-Rufai is very good at. This is why bogus and phony contracts were awarded by the presidency and now under investigation. Tom Mataimaki Mayashi of the APC faction, APC Akida, posited that they could not see any tangible thing on the ground despite the huge allocation accrued to Kaduna state. Why APC Akida had to use Tom for the dirty job still beats me.

As El-Rufai praises the army for gallantry in allowing his terrorists level Goska last yuletide period, he was furious with the Kuramah chief and ordered for his arrest and incerceration for resisting easy invasion of the fulani terrorists into Kuramah land in their bid to make Kaduna great again. Indeed the devil in Kashim Ibrahim house is simply an errant boy for the fulani terrorist organisation doing their bidding and trying to please them even if going against the constitution he swore to protect. But then, El-Rufai works by the Quran and the bible now and not by the constitution that gave him his powers. He prefers to follow philosophy, as taught by radical scholars like Sayyid Qubt, Abul Ala Maududi, Abdul Sallam Faraj, etc. since the Quran and the bible are laws of God, and the laws of God are better than the laws of man. Is El-Rufai a sheikh or a pastor? Do we have a state religion? What business has El-Rufai with the Qur’an and the Bible when he is to be guided by the constitution and swore to uphold the constitution? These are why I call him a terrorist governor, whose sole motivation is personal advancement.

Does El-Rufai believe in the laws of God? Is he keeping it in all that he does? Certainly no, he is exploiting the gullibility of the masses who are easily swayed into standing by scammers who use the name of God they don’t believe in to scam unsuspecting members of the public.

In one of such scams today, is a dangerously comical news item that Fulanis attended church service in Sabo Tasha with Kaduna state chief fulani terrorist Dr. Haruna Usman in attendance as a way of fostering peaceful co-existence between people of different ethnicity and religion yesterday 26 March 2017. After attacking more than 56 villages in southern Kaduna, the fulanis didn’t see any of the attacked villages to attend church service as a means of promoting peace, it is Sabo. Not Ninte, not Goska, not Godogodo, not Passakori, not Tanda, not Asso, not Angwan Anjou, not any of the multiple places they have attacked but Sabo Tasha. And in Sabon Tasha, they didn’t see any church to attend but that of Pastor Yohanna Buru. This is the same pastor, who was some years earlier credited with the news of having his church guided by Muslims during service at a time Churches are going up in flames in Muslim dominated areas. Muslims were guiding Yohanna Buru’s church, not in Tudun Wada, not in Rigasa, not in Kawo, not in Ungwan Muazu or the multiple other places where Muslims are in the majority and where churches were bombed, burnt, looted and converted to Islamic madrassas, but Sabo Tasha, where Christians are a majority. They could not guide churches where they are in a majority, but they could guide churches where they are in the minority; just like El-Rufai could not solve a comparatively small Kaduna problems, but eager to solve a bigger National problem as reflected in his 30-page memo to the president. This is how ridiculously stupid El-Rufai’s evils always appear, but he often get away with them.

Just like he planted Hadiza Bala Usman in the Bring Back Our Girls campaigns and was successful, that is how he has planted the clown of a Pastor Yohanna Buru to keep clowning and having low life terrorists like Dr. Haruna Usman, preaching peace and the need for peace – adding insult to injury and getting some of us irritatingly amused. Perhaps UN would soon give El-Rufai and Dr. Haruna Usman a peace award. Nobody murders people in this state than they do, and nobody speaks about peace more than they do.

These are the only areas El-Rufai is good at: and if I were to believe Mock Kure, this is where Buhari was consulting El-Rufai on – a dose of his evil genius. That’s the only ability possessed by the man touted as saying he wants to make Kaduna again. However, there is hope and the answer to the El-Rufai evil question is residing in everyone of us. You can reach me [email protected] com

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