Kaduna Will Be Great Again – 414: El-Rufai’s defence for his 2012 loan repayment speech has answers to these questions, as well as the army’s hesitation

On 15th of March 2017, a video was leaked of mass mobilisation of fulanis into Southern Kaduna on trucks and vehicles, with some holding weapons.

By 20th to 21st March, Gwongland came under attack from fulani terrorists leaving several persons death.

In a related development, a certain Thomas spoke about sighting some armed fulani militia approaching Samban Gida with two apprehended between Ngarshang and Samban by villagers and handed over to the security. The report also spoke of villagers sighting another contingent of over 1000 fulanis moving from Gwong land through Samban Gida towards Barde.

By the time you juxtapose the three events above, you may see the nexus. These explain why El-Rufai desperately wants to relocate the Kafanchan KASU campus out of southern Kaduna, given that he has commissioned his fulani merchants of death into southern kaduna to kill, steal and destroy. But then, I guess they were harmless hunters from Kano passing through southern Kaduna to Kano from Nassarawa state.

And someone wants to know why Gwongland registered fewer casualties than anticipated? Rumours has it that the soldiers deployed to Gwongland were professional soldiers who were able to forestall the attack by El-Rufai’s Kano hunters against defenceless women and children in Gwongland. I guess that was why they had to leave Gwongland through Samban Gida heading towards Barde. No one knows where next El-Rufai will permit them to fall upon and do their hunting expedition as they move away from Gwongland.

Now, to show that the military did their job professionally to forestall heavy casualty in Gwongland: earlier today, I read a piece of News Item where the infamous Dr. Haruna Usman fingered the army for the death of his 17 fellow fulani hunters with their houses burnt to the ground. Usman tried to excite emotions by saying even a cripple was not spared by the army and his attempt to reach the army command proved abortive. Clearly, Usman was not happy with the army for standing in their way as they marched into Gwongland. In a swift response, the army demanded of Usman not to drag her into fulani propaganda and threatened to divulge some information for the world to see and know the truth. The response of the military to Usman’s claims is ridiculously embarrassing – one would have expected the military to move in and arrest Usman for crimes against humanity. Here is a man who took responsibility for the Godogodo massacres and acknowledged attacks against Gwongland just yesterday, resulting to casualties. He even admitted a farmer was killed by his fulani hunters, but indicting soldiers for checkmating the scale of massacres and getting a powder-puff response from the army, like they will tell the truth for the world to know.

When has the army started telling the truth for the world to know when they have the guns with them? Were they trained to tell the truth or to use their guns? When did they begin telling this truth? Did they forget the truth before they opened fire on shiites? Where was this truth when they were harrassing several southern Kaduna natives and arresting the youths and local leaders and some traditional leaders? Just this night, I heard some traditional leaders from Saminaka were arrested with orders from El-Rufai and one one was taken straight to prison for daring to allow their youths to defend their heritage against fulani invaders. Where was this truth all along? Did the truth go on vacation and now suddenly back because a Fulani Haruna Usman is involved?

I guess El-Rufai will not send a felicitation message to the army this time around, thanking them for gallantry as they stood by and supervised his fulanis hunters from Kano massacring and burning down the inhabitants of Goska 24 December 2017. Perhaps El-Rufai will call them weaklings this time around for refusing his terrorist fulanis unhindered access into the heart of Gwongland.

Still on this issue of soldiers telling the truth when they can just take in Dr. Haruna Usman for questioning or even to prison with respect to the casualties in Gwongland that Usman admitted were murdered by his fellow fulani hunters from Kano. I guess El-Rufai’s defence for his 2012 loan repayment speech has answers to these questions, as well as the army’s hesitation. El-Rufai said, killing of fulani terrorists by soldiers will endanger anybody wearing the Nigerian army uniform, not only in Nigeria, but several African countries where fulani terrorists hold sway.

So if the Nigerian army, saddled with the responsibility of national security, can be so threatened by one fulani hunters’ errant boy of a governor El-Rufai, and got the army feeling insecure with fulanis, who then can they secure? El-Rufai’s threat to the safety of anybody wearing the Nigerian army uniform should fulani be killed, shows us those responsible to the killing of police and burning down of their stations by bokoharam insurgency. Little wonder why Ihejerika nick-named him bokoharam commander back then. But then, he has now assumed office as the official spokesman, running errants and picking the bills of his Kano fulani hunters. This is indeed a wonderful way of making Kaduna great again.

By George Makeri

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