Kaduna Will Be Great Again – 413

The Kaduna State government is working round the clock to keep the mission and momentum that Buhari is not keeping and needs schooling about. Just Yesterday, a village, Aso, Gwong chiefdom of Jama’a local government, came under attack by El-Rufai’s paid terrorists leaving more than three people death. Just this morning, a fresh assault was launched against a nearby village Tanda. Tanda may still be under siege as I write. Barely a week passes by without El-Rufai’s boys carrying out siege and massacring natives in southern Kaduna. Barely a month passes by with out El-Rufai harrassing one big name or the other in southern Kaduna. El-Rufai is keeping the momentum on the mission of making Kaduna great again.

In El-Rufai’s mission and momentum memo to Mr. President, he echoed his worries about the north taking its rightful place as a viable contributor and not just a parasite. Indeed the north is contributing in massacring Christians and fellow citizens. Tomorrow, when we say the east took economy to another level and the west took education to another level, we will not forget to say the north took massacring of defenceless women and children to another level. The north can never be parasites since they are contributing murder of fellow citizens on the national table too.

Back to the matter, Tanda is co-incidentally the home village of the Jama’a IMC chairman, Dr. Bege Katuka Humble. Will Humble express bitterness over this development or remain indifferent and praise the security men for combing the bushes with him on the lead? It is most unlikely. I believe the Mock Samuel Kure and Goska experience is still fresh in Humble’s heart. Can he risk the gates like Mock Kure and express the current language in his soul?

Clearly serving in El-Rufai’s government is like serving in the Russian KGB where loyalty to the state must exceed and superimpose love for your cradle, your parents, your people, your section, etc – and where you would have to make a choice, you must choose El-Rufai’s pleasure over and above any primordial sentiments regardless of its justification. I guess Mock Samuel Lure was not properly drilled, but Humble must have been thoroughly drilled.

On our way to Kusson, some months earlier, we saw a fulani settlement in Gwongland called Karyo. Rumours has it that the invaders of Aso, Tanda and possibly Jagindi, are fulani settlers from Karyo. The question now is; how long before somebody stop El-Rufai on the momentum he is putting in his massacring mission against the southern Kaduna people, in the name of making Kaduna Great again?

George Makeri 

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