Kaduna Will Be Great Again – 412

Indeed, when we heard of the 30-page letter by Governor Nasir El-Rufai to Mr. President on losing mission and momentum, we began to wonder whether Kaduna State is keeping her own mission and momentum.
Perhaps the ongoing massacres in southern kaduna, the massive arrest of folks of southern kaduna extraction without a single arrest of the fulani murderers, the willful closure of public institutions in southern kaduna, invasion of the southern kaduna senator’s house without search warrants, ensuring a southern kaduna son Andrew Yakubu is in Kuje prison for something almost all northern elites are guilty of, are all part of the mission.

Yes, becoming a terrorist spokesman even when you took an oath of office to be neutral and fair to all irrespective of ethnic nor religious affiliation, paying the terrorists to have training camps in cameroon and neigbouring African countries against southern kaduna, sponsoring press releases, advertorials, and massive demonisation campaigns against southern kaduna with state funds, thus polarising the state like never before, are all part of the mission.
Indeed, successive previous governments had managed the differences in the state far better than you, but then, those governors didn’t have the sort of great mission you have. For the first time Kaduna has become a safe haven for killers and kidnappers. The killers are even paid with a pledge to keep petting and pleading with them while law-abiding citizens are hounded down and arrested. Victims of massacres are detained in their large numbers. But then, this is part of the mission right.
The bomb blast in zaria that massacred the state civil servants over an endless verification exercise, the massive purge of persons in the state civil service, the non-payment of staff and half payment, the destruction of houses in Zaria without alternative living quarters, the threats to destroy more houses in Gbagyi Villa, the aunctioning of public properties for the purchasing pleasure of family and friends, the massacre of shiites and justification for the massacres, the handing over of kaduna political slots at both federal and state levels to your sisters and female friends, shortchanging the southern kaduna people, are all part of the mission I think.
Refusal to conduct the local government election till date, denying democracy at the grassroots; denying funds to local government areas, allocating even cheap local government contracts to companies belonging to your family and friends, embarking on wasteful ventures like the moribund school feeding programme, purchase of shares in Peugeot automobiles, purchase of vehicles for town service at exorbitant rates, planning to chase bus drivers from the road to bring in luxurious buses, etc. But then, these are all part of the Kaduna state mission. The school feeding programme that was touted to be the only salvation for pupils and source of employment for 85000 persons, amidst dilapidated public schools and poor infrastructure were all part of the Kaduna state mission. Never had there been an embarrassing intra-party rivalry due to your greed and coveteousness like we have today with APC Akida and APC Hadiza factions. Never had opposition been so demonised and referred to as virus, nor dissenting voices in the ruling party referred to as ants to be crushed easily, until your arrival on the stage. However, these are all part of the mission you feel Buhari is losing and needs to play catch up.
Who say you are not a connoisseur in governance to write a 30 page strong worded letter to Buhari on losing the mission and the momentum and even criticising his inner circle as novices while Kaduna burns under your watch.
‘Ina ruwan’ expert governor that can mannage 23 local government areas successfully thus wants to teach someone managing over 700 local government areas with regional and international pressures to deal with, how to keep the mission and momentum. Perhaps Mr. President is not running Nigeria fast into the ground enough like you are running Kaduna State. It is alright to remove the speck in your brother’s eyes even as you are blinded by the log in yours. Indeed you are keeping the mission and the momentum in Kaduna State to be eying the activities of the presidency and even expecting to be consulted on some issues? The state of affairs in Kaduna state is a first class way of making Kaduna great again and a perfect model for the president to copy.
Finally, no one should dare tell El-Rufai to first pick the dirts he dropped nor clear the mess he made before looking elsewhere, because dropping dirts and making mess of things, is the mission.
George Makeri

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