Kaduna Will Be Great Again – 411

With our ears to the ground, we waited – we waited for when we will hear that Muktar Maigamo and his fellow terrorists have been taken in for questioning with respect to the ongoing massacres in southern kaduna as reflected on their January 2016 threats to repeat 1994 Rwanda in southern kaduna, in the petition against Dr. John Danfulani, but we didn’t hear anything of sort.

We heard instead that Gideon Morik just passed away. Some said he had health challenges, but we all knew it is difficult for any man to experience what the late Morik experienced in the hands of herdsmen and survive: losing his village, his daughter, his properties and etc.

We heard instead that policemen attached to the governor, when he was assaulted by the youth for shooting southern kaduna mothers in Jama’a local government and refusing to meet with southern kaduna chiefs on 20 December 2016, are presently facing trial; perhaps because they didn’t kill more people as expected. The governor boasted that the southern kaduna men were cowards that’s why they sent half-naked women instead of coming out themselves, completely forgetting that he was using instruments of state and not his personal strength.

We heard instead that KASU Kafanchan Campus was to be relocated to Kaduna trade fair complex for security reasons. Some are speculating that the relocation of KASU Kafanchan campus was with a view to cripple the economic activities of Kafanchan, but we are speculating that the terrorist governor wishes to destroy Kafanchan and not just the economy of kafanchan, thus, had to relocate the campus so his favoured hausa/fulani students don’t get caught up in the middle of his destructive campaigns. His way of making Kaduna great again.

By George Makeri

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