Kaduna Will Be Great Again – 410

Kaduna Will Be Great Again – 410

The great visionary governor of Kaduna state with a view to making Kaduna great again, got Audu detained on wishy-washy speculations that tweets from Audu resulted to the killings of some fulanis.

maigamo1If you can recall January 2016, one Muktar Maigamo co-signed a petition against Dr. John Danfulani where they threatened a repeat of Rwandan genocide in Southern Kaduna. By June 2016, the Rwandan genocide began with a fulani boy directed to intentionally invade a native Ninte farmer’s farm of Jama’a local government, fully aware the farmer would react. This reaction got the farmer cut down by the fulani invaders. Such provocation against a native in his own town, can not just go like that. Eventually, Ninte was sacked by the fulanis and its inhabitants massacred. The Godogodo people who played host to the fleeing Ninte folk from fulani menace were reduced to rubbles. The surrounding communities were not spared either and even till yesterday, the blood-spilling continues. Indeed a repeat of Rwandan genocide is ongoing in southern kaduna, as threatened by Maigamo, yet Maigamo and his co-conspirators are walking freely and even on government pay roll. But Audu Maikori was locked up on some porous premises.

Yes, Audu Maikori was freed on bail yesterday 13 March 2017 around 1500hrs. I don’t want to burst our bubble, but this is not about getting Audu Maikori freed on bail – this is about El-Rufai getting Maikori locked up, even if for 6 hours, which has been successfully attained. If for nothing, but to break his spirit, bruise his healthy ego, humiliate him and give him the impression he was totally at government’s mercy, be he guilty or not guilty. For El-Rufai, it is a grave sickness – megalomania with too much blood on his hands. He is a satanic megalomaniac – the more he makes people suffer, the more he suffers himself. The more he gets people killed, the more he dies himself. Yet he celebrates, he celebrates his beastly disposition – some uncanny blend of masochism and sadism all jumbled in his tiny frame and tormenting his poor soul which has been trapped in the deepest depths of hell.

Moreso, this is about diversion too. On 19 February 2017, southern Kaduna came under heavy attacks at a time Muslims in America were busy protesting against Trump. Yesterday, as Southern Kaduna got sufficiently distracted with the Audu Maikori issue, the terrorist governor mobilised his fellow fulani terrorists to invade Malagum 1 in Kagoro.

That was not enough, he got some media bodies to sell a terrorist propaganda that tension in southern kaduna as two fulanis were killed. If you catch the vibes, it means the fulanis would exact their pound of flesh based on his loan repayment philosophy, thus the tension. However, what we heard was massive arrests of natives by government forces without a single arrest of fulanis over the massacres and displacement of natives in their large numbers.

The man who wants to make Kaduna great again, is clearly making Kaduna a grave again. In saner climes, people like El-Rufai would have long been executed not elected.

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