Kaduna Will Be Great Again – 407

When the police were doing their job professionally and making it difficult for El-Rufai’s known gunmen cum paid terrorists to penetrate and cause havoc in southern kaduna, El-Rufai responded by instigating them with the claim that they are taking sides with the southern kaduna people. He didn’t stop there, he went on to say 90% of police deployed to southern kaduna are from southern kaduna. This is to get the police to do two things: change their more professional personnel and bring in islamic fundamentalist police personnel into southern kaduna – to which they did. Today, the army personnel in southern kaduna were boys who took part in the sharia violence against christians and many other sectarian crisis against christians, and to show to the governor they are not taking sides, they shoot to kill the natives. About four or more southern kaduna boys were reportedly shot by these El-Rufai soldiers resulting to fatalities just a couple of days ago. Professional soldiers don’t shoot to kill unarmed civilians, especially under a democracy and especially those they are detailed to protect, but to prove to El-Rufai that they are not taking sides, they shoot to kill those armless southern kaduna boys.

As El-Rufai’s paid fulani terrorists were massacring the natives right before the watchful eyes of the so-called heavy security presence, the security men are also massacring natives with state guns, and El-Rufai is tying natives down with punitive curfews and paralyzing business activities in the process. Not only that, the curfew is kept to immobilise natives and mobilise his paid terrorists. That is what was done against Goska.

You now see the co-ordination among the fulani terrorists, the soldiers and the terrorist governor, all against the southern kaduna people. These co-ordinated attacks were carried on a day 19 February 2016 when Muslims in America were protesting against POTUS Donald Trump’s anti-terrorism stand that was reduced to anti-islamic stand. I won’t be surprised if El-Rufai is not part of the masterminders of the American protest in order to orchestrate the massacres in southern kaduna and thanked the soldiers for gallantry even as they stood by and watched the massacres.

Truth is, El-Rufai is very unpopular even among the hausa fulani communities and he is desperately trying to win acceptability again with the blood of the southern kaduna people. I advised him, on one of my many write ups, to focus his energy instead in making life easier for his hausa fulani communities to win their admiration back, but given the incurable sadist that he is, his insatiable lust for blood as the darkest terrorist that he is, won’t let him see reason with humans. He believes his greatest power lies in extremism, terrorism in exploiting the primordial sentiments of muslims and hausa fulani people. We can as well as conclude now that Shekau is now the governor of Kaduna State and he is using his terrorists tactics to take command of the police and the army and reducing these noble institutions into another group of almajiri boys receiving welfare from him and blindly doing his bidding even against their professional training.

But then what? This is how to make Kaduna great again – terrorist way.

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