Kaduna Will Be Great Again – 406

By George Makeri

It is so touching the love the council of Imams and Ulamas have for humanity and how they desperately wish to see that the massacres against fellow humans in southern kaduna stop. They are so much worried about the massacres in southern kaduna that they had to expend their time and resources to come up with a wonderful suggestion on how to end the massacres. And how to end it is not to have the governor kicked out of government house and handed over to the Hague for hate speeches against southern kaduna people, payment of terrorists to massacre southern kaduna people while closing down the only hospital that attends to the sick in southern kaduna, shooting at southern kaduna women for protesting, pretending to be working for peace, impose a curfew to enable his paid terrorists to penetrate and massacre natives in Goska on a Christmas day just like the Madalla Christmas Day Bombing, and generally raising hell in the state.

No. How to end it is not to arrest all the fulanis giving press releases and justifying the mindless massacres with hate speeches against the southern kaduna people and threats and giving natives conditions for peace. No. How to end it is not to teach their mindless fulani murderers to walk away from southern kaduna back to futa jalon and allow the natives some peace.  No. How to end it is to arrest the senator representing the massacred southern kaduna people, the president of the massacred southern kaduna only known body, SOKAPU, the chairman of a southern kaduna led human right group CEDRA, etc. Why would the aforementioned be arrested?

Because they got tired of government complacency and insincerity in handling a never ending massacres and decided to speak out. Because they decided to call on their defenceless people to go for self-defense as enshrined in the constitution. Isn’t it curious that all these while the massacres were ongoing, the council of Imams and ulamas were so mute as if they swallowed a huge frog. But immediately some responsible and concerned sons of those massacred began to talk and call for self-defence, they immediately become the reason the massacres couldn’t stop. Did they say anything before the massacres commense?

Perhaps they were the ones that went to Goska and massacred the natives on Christmas day. Perhaps they are the ones who murdered the Asso chief on his bike Monday 9 January 2017. Perhaps, they are the ones who massacred folks at Tsonje village with a police casualty. Perhaps they are the ones who occupied the villages of the massacred. Perhaps they are the ones who closed down the college of education and general hospital so that natives won’t have access to education nor medication.

Well, the council of Imams and ulamas got paid to do a dirty job for a dirty governor and that’s what matters to them. As long as money will enter their hands under this APC-induced recession,  I believe they could even call for the arrest of Donald Trump or even the pope in Rome in order to end the southern kaduna massacres if only they could get paid..

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