KADUNA STATE UNDER SIEGE : By Ishaq Alhassan Qauranmata

Everyone one of us between the ages of 35 and 60, with a reasonable level of Western Education is guilty! Our children and grand children may or may not forgive us. But the Almighty will query us on our actions OR THE LACK OF IT while this siege lasts.
How long shall we watch while our dear state is being grounded on the whims of an individual who, unfortunately believes that he has a monopoly of knowledge?
Local governments (and of course their funds) are effectively under the state. Their revenue sources taken over by the state.
Primary Education has never had it so rough. Yet after nearly two years of “reform” nobody as yet can tell where we are headed. At least 1000 teachers have been lost n not a single primary teacher was engaged in two years.
Small scale businesses (many of which have folded up anyway) are targets of the most inhuman and anti-progress tax regime.

On one hand, Residential and commercial structures are being demolished at will while undeveloped lands are targeted for seizure. On the other hand government structures (some very historical) are marked for demolition TO ERECT SHOPPING MALLS.
Farmers suffered when they waited for the government’s promised fertilizer and credit facilities in the last rainy season.

They thus went ahead to plant their crops for the dry season farming (Tomatoes, Peppe, Carrot etc). Then government woke up with the idea of “Wheat Farming”. So it sent tractors to destroy all the planted crops with instructions to the farmers to grow wheat!
Now it is the turn of the entire civil service (which is sidelined by the government anyway). MDAs have just been instructed to prune down their staff and everyone is thrown into confusion because nobody knows the criteria to follow.
For instance, the state ministry of works with over 400 staff has been ordered to prune down to 133!
There are already over 500 civil servants wasting away at the office of the head of service ( which has been nicknamed ‘Guantanamo bay’). These are people displaced from their various offices just because this government will rather work with ” consultants” instead of the constitutionally recognized civil service. For over one year these people have been sitting idle and collecting salaries from a government that harasses primary teachers in the name of cutting costs!
The list is endless. And we just watch on or even applaud the “REFORMS TO NOWHERE!”

Qauranmata Wrote in from Kaduna

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