Hired e-rats as Willing tools of Elrufai

In less than a month, two separate concocted lies have been generated and circulated by some misguided elements that have shown their fears on the fraternity of SOKAPU with Sen. Shehu Sani.

First they came up with  fake news of endorsement of Shehu Sani by Sopaku which was a creation from their imagination. Now they are peddling another news of SOKAPU youth wing receiving monetary gifts from Shehu Sani.

Why are all these misguided elements of Elrufai afraid of SOKAPU’s fraternity with Shehu Sani? When has it become a crime in our constitution not to fraternise with politicians? Is it a crime for Shehu Sani to give SOKAPU Youth Wing monetary gift if he so chose ? Does our constitution stops associations from receiving monetary gift from politicians ?

Elrufai government is busy employing nuisance to spread malicious lies of discord to score cheap political points for him against Shehu Sani and SOKAPU on Social Media.

These misguided elements parading themselves as Elrufai/ Bantex media team are bunch of fake news pedlars like their boss Elrufai who Obasanjo described as someone with a penchant for reputation simmering and a pathological liar with loyalty for no one.

This set of misguided people are only making themselves look cheap and ill informed. Creating lies to score cheap political points only makes them so low and willing tools to perpetration of evil in this 21st century. They have no idea that they are so blind to the reality on how they are directly showing Elrufai’s hatred on SOKAPU and Shehu Sani to the world.

One begins to wonder why such mentality of misinforming the public with lies against SOKAPU Youth Wing and Shehu Sani by this present government ?  One begins to wonder why such set of misguided elements are belittling their intelligence for creations of lies that they feel they can spread to mislead the public ?  One begins to wonder why Nigeria is striving more on image denting as an ingredient of democracy than respecting freedom of association and expression ?

SOKAPU is ready to take up actions in the court of law to redress, address and sue such people for defamation of charter with damages to pay. Perhaps it will send strong signals to others who are willing tools in spreading lies to appease Eurifai as their boss for their stomachs at the determent of SoKapu’s freedom of association and peaceful coexistence.

SOKAPU will not play to the gallery of name denting to discredit them, neither will they succumb​ to cheap blackmail by little wannabe who are hungry and using its name and Shehu Sani’s name to seek for food.

Sarki Alkali
[email protected]

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