Grazing Reserves: A Great Threat to Southern Kaduna

By Mike Maikarfi

It’s high time we pondered & asked “why the consistent onslaught around the middle belt region by the marauding Fulani militia?” This shall no doubt, unveil to us the subtle plan to take over our lands by aliens. Else, what is our crime that our region has come under this persistent attacks for over a decade now?

On the wake of the Sanga attack, few months after the gruesome killings in Bondon of Moroa Chiefdom, July 3rd, 2014, Mr. Bomba Dauda & I were hosted by Inyan Ode of 95.1 Nigeria Info FM Abuja. Barrister Mohammed Bello Tukur (National Legal Adviser of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria – MACBAN) was also a fellow guest to speak for the Fulani people.

It is still very fresh on my mind that throughout that radio show (Issues), Bomba expressed serious concern over the influx of Fulani herdsmen into the middle belt as a result of climate change that is causing serious desertification at the North-East and even in some of the African countries. This problem, according to Bomba, was further aggravated by the activities of Boko Haram insurgents. He also argued that with the Laduga grazing reserve, government took farmland belonging to the natives & handed it over to Fulani herdsmen.

Going further in his argument, Bomba posited that any attempt by government to confiscate farmers land and inherit it to Fulani herders was completely wrong. Because no government buys feeds for poultry farmers, pig farmers or supply farming inputs for crop farmers for free. Therefore, it was only proper that the Fulani herders in feeding their cattle, which is their profession and business enterprise, should look for ways of buying feeds for their herd just like other farmers do.

With the present bill on grazing reserves having past second reading now, we cannot afford to keep folding hands and keep sealed lips until our ancestral land and common heritage is taken over by government through legislation and the machinery of government.

We must also be reminded that our fear of loosing more of our lands should be further heightened by the recent Channels TV interview of our governor. During that interview, he made it clear that “in 1964, there was a grazing reserve law that was made for all the northern states. So, all that is needed now is to activate that law and open up those grazing reserves.” But the big question is, “Where are those grazing reserves?

Looking at all that we have passed through and what we are both seeing and hearing, am sure we need no soothsayer, a diviner or fortune teller to tell us that if there was ever a time we must rise up, then this is the time!

Now, what shall we do?

By Mike Maikarfi 

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